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Personal Statement: Healthy Lifestyle

A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are essential for the well-being of the modern society. Nevertheless, obesity, malnutrition, and other eating disorders are becoming increasingly alarming problems in today’s world. Moreover, an unhealthy diet can accompany and exacerbate conditions such as stress, depression, and overwork. By applying for the Dietetic Internship at Florida International University, I am looking forward to integrating my knowledge of balanced nutrition into counseling people with healthier eating habits.

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Throughout my life, I have been interested in a healthy lifestyle and sports. I have often helped my cousins and other family members balance their diets, and it was a great pleasure to share my experience. By the example of my own and some family members, I can assert that both extreme low-calorie diets and overeating do not improve a person’s mental and physical condition. At the moment, my primary goal is to help people get better in their nutrition patterns and come into harmony with themselves. Therefore, my strongest motivation and aim to become a registered dietitian is to educate people about the incredible opportunities for proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

I believe that nutritionists can genuinely make a difference in changing the situation with a growing number of diagnosed overweight and improper eating habits for the better. My personal and academic experience demonstrate enthusiasm in this internship. My initial goal was to translate personal interests into a professional skill, which I have successfully achieved. Over the past academic years, I have participated in various food-related courses and received valuable training in biology, chemistry, and other subjects. Attending courses and workshops on dietetics deepened my knowledge and understanding of the profession’s role in society. In addition, I actively performed group and individual assignments and demonstrated my motivation and excellent knowledge of the topics. My high inspiration and the ability to work individually and in a team determine my eligibility for the chosen program.

I have organized and played a leading role in many extracurricular events and meetings dedicated to overeating and poor eating habits in academic and clinical settings. I have achieved good results by advising my friends and family members, upon request, on how to improve eating behavior. With this project successfully fulfilled, my patients managed to normalize their nutrition and stabilize their weight. In working with patients, I have demonstrated advertency and empathy to be my main advantages for this position. Since people with eating disorders often require compassion, additional attention, and involvement in the treatment process, I believe mindfulness and caring are vital in dealing with patients.

Although academic mastery is precious to me, I believe that practical application of knowledge is an integral part of the training. I also realize that to be entirely successful in my profession, I critically need to gain more practical experience in a clinical setting. By applying for FIU Dietetic Internship, I am looking forward to gaining new expertise and employing it in practice and developing communication skills for further advancement in the chosen profession. As a Registered Dietitian, I hope to serve people and advise the most appropriate health and lifestyle choices. I believe that it is vital to recommend diet and nutrition methods, depending on individual preferences, requirements, and health indications. As I move forward in my profession, I will develop individualized approaches to patient health and be considerate and respectful of their condition. In this regard, FIU Dietetic Internship will provide me with an excellent opportunity to develop my professional goals.

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