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Personality Mask Overview

This mask symbolically represents six facets of my personality from different personality perspectives. It gives the viewer an idea about my emotions, thoughts, attitude to the world, and general behavioral patterns in a visual way, without using any descriptive words. Instead, this mask uses symbols and colors that reflect my nature and mindset. The purpose of this paper is to explain the personality facets depicted on my mask, addressing the Trait, Psychodynamic, Learning, Humanistic, and Socio-cultural (Behaviorist) perspectives.

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The Trait perspective focuses on identifying specific traits that constitute an individual’s personality. From this viewpoint, the mask reveals me as an introverted and laid-back person. The philosophy symbol depicted on the mask’s nose represents these traits since people interested in this subject tend to have a calm and rational approach to life. Furthermore, the overall mask’s design implies a thoughtful, observant, and reflective personality.

The Psychodynamic perspective considers unconscious processes and childhood experiences that contribute to adult personality. In this regard, the snake around the left eyebrow represents my unconscious fear of these reptiles. However, this item also has a metaphorical meaning, symbolizing my anxiety about failing to achieve my goals. Similarly, the drips from the eyes not only add certain dramatism to the mask’s appearance but also represent fears and worries.

The Learning perspective implies that observations influence people’s characters and behaviors. In this regard, observing the world around me helps me think outside the box and develop innovative solutions. Furthermore, I tend to be reflective and take my time thinking about different things. The blue and lilac clouds on the mask’s cheeks, as well as the pencil painting, represent these traits since they show me as a creative and insightful person.

The Humanistic perspective focuses on the free will, awareness, and psychological growth of an individual. From this standpoint, I identify myself as an organized, rational, and self-conscious person. The lawyer’s gavel represents me as a judging individual who relies on careful planning and assessing options before making a decision. This symbol also shows my self-consciousness and ability to reflect on my values in life, as well as progress. Furthermore, the ISFJ acronym under the gavel indicates my Myers-Briggs personality type.

The Socio-cultural (Behaviorist) perspective believes that a person’s environment and society influence their personality traits. From this viewpoint, the mask represents me as a competitive, caring, and somewhat controversial person. As a student, my environment motivates me to be competitive to achieve my goals, and the clock symbolizes my dedication and efforts not to be left behind. The painting at the center of the clock represents my care for my family and emphasizes their importance in my life. The water and fire elements on the mask’s eyelids identify my controversial nature at times. With all the social contradictions and diversity in today’s environment, it is not uncommon to feel uncertain or change one’s view on the problem with time.

To sum up, this mask depicts me as an introverted, calm, reflective, rational, self-conscious, and competitive person. The symbolic items and colors emphasize the personality traits that I wanted to show in my work. Furthermore, my personality self-analysis complies with the main personality perspectives, such as Trait, Psychodynamic, Learning, Humanistic, and Socio-cultural (Behaviorist) perspectives. This assignment helped me to re-examine my own personality and represent it in a visual way.

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Personality Mask Overview

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