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Persuasive vs. Directive Communication

Communication is defined as the exchange of ideas. “Communication has a very important role in the daily life of human beings. Studies proved that everyone is spending the majority of his time in a day in communicating with others.” (What is communication? n.d., p. 1).

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Persuasive communication is aimed at convincing others to act or think as they wish. It is defined as “organized, sustained attempts at influencing groups or masses of people through a series of messages.” (Stiff, & Mongeau, 2002, p.282). Directive communication is a training and organizational psychology developed to gain more fulfillment from their job. (What is the directive communication methodology, n.d.). Whatever method is used for communicating an idea, the success of communication lies in simplicity and to what extent the person communicated got the idea.

People all over the world are affected by different types of epidemic diseases. As you know, swine flu is spreading like anything. To overcome a situation like this, we would like to conduct a “swine flu awareness and immunization campaign” on our premises. Please accord your full-hearted co-operation. It may be started with a premise cleaning program which will be conducted in all areas. Since your health is your wealth and asset to the organization, it is our responsibility to keep it safe. So, preventive measures like a face mask, gloves, etc. will be made available for distribution among the members of the organization. Make sure that cleanliness and hygiene are strictly followed on the premises. Make sure that you look into this matter daily. If anyone gets affected by this kind of epidemic disease, please make sure that they get proper treatment on time. All the activities must be carried out efficiently and effectively.

Our life is important and it should be saved. By keeping the surroundings clean, we can develop healthy mankind. How to overcome the epidemic diseases like swine flu? That is the major problem faced by human beings at present.

As the industries are booming, pollution is also booming. It has been proved that the diseases which attack human beings are the result of unhygienic conditions. We must keep our premises clean and neat. If we keep our surroundings clean, we may be able to keep the world free from epidemic diseases.

Prevention is better than cure. Preventive measures like wearing gloves, face masks, etc. should be made compulsory to overcome the situation. Keep yourself safe from epidemic diseases by adopting preventive mechanisms.

Once a person is affected by epidemic disease, proper medicine and treatment must be made available to him. Correct diagnosis should be done and better treatment should be provided, otherwise, the problem may become more complicated.

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The said program must be associated with an awareness campaign, keeping the surroundings clean, taking preventive measures, and taking appropriate treatment and medicines.

The result of persuasive writing to the mass depends upon the attitude, values, beliefs, and perception of the mass to which it is communicated. It will depend on human psychology. As cognitive theory and social learning theory of persuasion suggest, people acquire new behaviors by observing others. The correspondent should be able to generate a “we feeling” in the audience, so that the audience may be able to act in the way the communicator wishes. If a feeling of belongingness is created in the mind of the audience, the communication becomes effective.

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