Philosophy. God, Omnipotence, and Evil

There are so many religions that are followed by numerous people all across the globe, and it is considered by many who believe in God that God is present everywhere, which means there is omnipotence with regard to the presence of God. Many religions teach the followers that God is present everywhere; that’s what omnipotent means.

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Among the different religions, there are many meanings of the word omnipotent. For some, it means that God can do anything for anyone who leads the right life, a life that is free from sins. This also means that if God says something will happen, it will happen.

God will make sure that it happens because every step taken by God is right, and every step has logic behind it. This can be better understood with the help of an example, in Christianity if a person lives a holy life or, for that matter, in any other religion, if a person lives a holy life, he/she is entitled to eternal life, and God will grant it if the person really deserves it. “There is nothing that God cannot do except that which goes against His nature. God alone has the power to conquer sin and death. He even created Satan, who disobeyed and fell; therefore, He has power over him. He promised to give us the power to overcome him that is in the world.” (God is Omnipotent, 2008).

If there is God, then there has to be something negative because where it is positive, there has to be a negative to counter the positive. That position is occupied by Saturn, and Saturn tempts the people to do wrong things. In other words, Saturn is the evil that makes sure that people do not follow the path of God. The temptation of Saturn is very difficult to resist, and most people fall to that temptation and ignore the path of God. This leads to chaos in the world. All the undesirable activities like suicide bombings, murders, theft, etc., are done by people who get tempted by Saturn. When evil tempts people, it makes sure that people forget everything which is good, and they incline towards evil completely.

The temptation of evil can be overcome by following the right path of God. But the case becomes very complicated because when the devil tempts, the temptation becomes irresistible only one thing can help out a person in that case, that is prayer, whenever a person feels that he/she is going the wrong way, immediately pray to God, God shows the right way, and it is God and God alone who can rescue people from the clutches of the devil. The devil planned to trap Adam and Eve.

Adam could not resist the temptation of evil and ate the forbidden apple, which ultimately changes his life for the worse. Similarly, if people blindly follow the plans of the devil, they will end up ruining their life, and their life will be an utter waste. God had created human beings and has given us all a wonderful life to make the most of it and not to waste it as so many people are doing what God doesn’t want them to do, and that is to waste their life. Evil weakens the ability of a human being to connect to God; the ultimate aim of evil forces is to expand their kingdom by misguiding as many people as possible. The evil is trying to compete with God and wants to prove its supremacy. But this is unlikely to happen. No matter how hard evil tries, it can beat God because he is the creator of every positive thing in the world.

“Because the Lord our God is omnipotent, we can confidently trust Him in all things and with all things. Omnipotence simply means “all powerful.” This always has the meaning of uniqueness or exclusiveness. In other words, there is no power compared to the one who is omnipotent. Omnipotence is an essential attribute of God and an attribute that belongs to God alone. It is the nature of God to be almighty. Anything less than an almighty, omnipotent God is no God at all.

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If God were not omnipotent, He could not be trusted.” (The Omnipotent God, 2008). When we say that God is omnipresent, this means that we are surrendering our self to God, and we acknowledge that he is present everywhere and he is watching our actions. When we take this into account, a person who has acknowledged this fact is not expected to lead a life full of sins or misdeeds. The self-realization should come from within that there can only be one God, and he cannot be replaced. He is there at that level because he always makes the right decision, and he never goes wrong in his decision-making process.

A man gets what he deserves and nothing more or nothing less than that. The omnipresence of God is a very vast concept projected differently by different religions, but the sole aim of the religions which project this concept is to fear God and to do great things in life like helping the poor and the needy, helping the underprivileged people, helping handicapped people and there so many good things which can be done in order to make sure that we make the full use of our life.

“The power of God is seen in those commissions in the air and earth: thunders, lightning’s, storms, earthquakes, hurricanes. The great beasts of the earth speak of his power: the different types of dinosaurs that once roamed the earth. The whale also is a prodigious monument of God’s power, which is mentioned specifically in the creation account: “And God created great whales.” Innumerable other creatures and acts can be mentioned to testify of God’s power, and yet all this exceeds our understanding. We are astonished. No mere man can conceive of God’s might; God himself alone comprehends it.

Man’s power is limited; his measuring rod is too short to acquire a proper idea of the incomprehensible omnipotence of God.” (The Almighty, 2008). God has so much power that his power is unimaginable, time and time again, we come across his power, but we still choose to ignore his warnings which are meant to change our attitude. Most people ignore the warnings given by God and choose to do their own thing, the same results in devastation. To conclude, it is very fair to say that God is omnipresent, and he should be respected from the bottom of the heart, and there should not be any expectations of the individuals worshipping him. Only then the reward of the prayer will be sweet.


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