Physical or Psychological Conditions: Family Assessment

1. Family composition

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This nuclear family consists of two parents and their two children (Mukherjee, Chaudhuri, & De, 2016). The father is 46 years old, and the mother is 44. Their two girls are 15 and 17 years old. They all are European Americans.

2. Roles of each family member

The father is the leader in the family and the primary provider. However, the mother also works and earns almost as much as he does.

3. Physical or Psychological Conditions

The family function is maintained properly. No physical or psychological conditions prevent members from coping with their roles and tasks. Even though some health issues exist they are not too critical.

4. Home and external environment; living situation; support

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The family represents middle-class Americans. They live in a two-story house that is full of modern conveniences. Children and parents have separate rooms so that they have enough private space. Their workplaces and educational establishments are in good condition. The family supports itself due to the earnings obtained by both partners.

5. Age-Appropriate Developmental Tasks

The girls have accomplished their age-appropriate developmental tasks. They experience puberty and are greatly concerned with their appearance. They develop their self-identity and get in confrontations with adults. The parents are focused on the values of love and acceptance. They are concerned about jobs, aging, and children. They also experience particular physical changes, including wrinkles, etc.

6. Stress in the Family

Developmental states of the children tend to create some stress in the family because girls are willing to stand their rights. Their resistance to change makes parents nervous to some degree.

7. Developmental Stage

This is the family with adolescents that have successfully achieved the task of the previous developmental stages. Now, the parents need to reconsider boundaries for girls’ independence. In addition to that, they need to think of grandparents’ frailties.

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8. Genetic Predisposition to Disease

In general, the family does not have any severe health issues that can be inherited. However, genetic predisposition to hypertension and tonsillitis can be observed (Jiang, Liu, Liu, Fang, & Wang, 2014).

9. Immunization Status

All immunizations required at their age were maintained.

10. Child or Adolescent Experiencing Problems

Children in this family do not have problems when they communicate with their peers. However, sometimes they refuse to listen to adults.

11. Hospital Admission

Hospital admission is rare in this family. However, when it was observed, the rest of the members did their best not only to bring something tasty but also to support and positively surprise with their attention.

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12. Family Communication

As a rule, a consensual type of family communication is used by the family members. It is effective because children have an opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas regarding various tensions. It allows parents to control the eventual outcome even though the children believe that they are free.

13. Decisions

Decisions are usually made by the whole family when they gather to discuss some problems. However, the last word is usually said by the father so that he can assist in conflict resolution as well.

14. Violence and Discipline

No evidence of violence is currently observed. The family reveals negative attitudes towards corporal punishment. The mother tends to use behavior modification discipline to avoid issues while the father is also more self-discipline.

15. Crisis

The family deals with the crises appropriately because its members do value their relationships. They are ready to speak to one another, revealing their flexibility, they resort to various resources. They also try to focus on the positive even in the most difficult situations.

16. Cultural and Religious Factors

Being European Americans, the parents reveal their interest in business operations and underline the desire to get engaged in them. What is more, they avoid church visits, which proves that they are not likely to resort to religion for religious purposes.

17. Family Goals

The family’s main goal deals currently with the desire to provide girls with an appropriate education. The parents want to achieve stability and avoid unnecessary expenditures.

18. External or Internal Sources of Support

The family members support one another when difficulties are experienced. In addition to that, their relatives and friends are always ready to provide monetary or emotional assistance.

19. Role Conflict and Overload

There is no substantial evidence of role conflict or overload. Even though the mother works, she earns enough money to support the family, but she does not turn into the main provider. Thus, the overload of the father’s role is avoided.

20. Emergency Plan

Unfortunately, the family does not have an emergency plan. However, they all believe that in the case of a family crisis or disaster, it is significant to pay much attention to one another’s condition and well-being.

21. Nursing Diagnosis and Plan of Care

Nursing Diagnosis Plan of Care
Readiness for enhanced nutrition (Radhakrishnan, 2012) – assess perceptions regarding balanced and imbalanced nutrition
– identify family concerns and expected improvement
– discuss perceptions regarding a proper diet
– develop a plan of home visits for control
– provide teaching regarding balanced nutrition
– focus on improvements
The risk for decreased cardiac output – monitor blood pressure, pulse, and medicine intake
– assess heart sounds and breath sounds
– monitor related symptoms (temperature, thirst, etc.)
– provide education regarding medicine usage, including side effects, and physical activity
– monitor response to treatment and provide needed drugs
Contamination – assess ways of current garbage disposal and attitudes towards the proper ones
– discuss risks of open burning, including respiratory issues
– underline the necessity to maintain the environment clean and safe in the educational framework
– make home visits to control the situation


Jiang, B., Liu, Y., Liu, Y., Fang, F., & Wang, X. (2014). Association of four insulin resistance genes with type 2 diabetes mellitus and hypertension in the Chinese Han population. Molecular Biology Reports, 41(2), 925-33.

Mukherjee, P., Chaudhuri, A., & De, S. (2016). A study on marital quality of couples from urban area. Indian Journal of Positive Psychology, 7(1), 48-54.

Radhakrishnan, A. (2012). Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) in adolescence. Asian Journal of Nursing Education and Research, 2(2), 55-64.

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