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Dating Stereotypes and Relationships Development


Social interaction in the contemporary world has changed over the years. Therefore, the way people date has also changed significantly. It is notable that women are presently more empowered than they were almost one century ago. There have extensive gender equality programs, which are aimed at raising the profile of women. Women have also taken advantage of different opportunities to appropriately enhance their social interaction skills.

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Furthermore, there has been ongoing improvement in the social and economic aspects of women that escalate equality. It is also notable that some women have gone out of their way to initiate relationships with men. Indeed, there has been a tremendous change of attitude among women regarding the way they approach dating. Most importantly, some men have also shown support to such women. Therefore, as a common rule “women should ask men out” (Buzz 60). Although, men are anticipated to ask women out, changes in the contemporary world have significantly liberated women to ask men out. This paper argues that “women should ask men out” in order to overcome dating stereotypes.

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It is evident that human interaction has been improving constantly. Prior to the emergence of technology, dating was difficult. However, technological advancement has changed the dating scene and women are now more empowered to ask men out. As opposed to earlier stereotype that men must dominate women in social interaction and ask them out, notable changes have been observed. Originally, men took advantage of the widespread stereotype that women should be subordinate to men. However, changes that have occurred in the social and economic landscape have significantly empowered women. Thus, women’s participation in controlling social interaction has also improved their influence in dating. The current woman has the right to feel comfortable asking out a man for company or a first date.

Equal employment chances have enabled women to earn better incomes. This has significantly improved their economic power, which is crucial for successful dating. Apparently, women who enjoy economic power face minimal challenges when asking men out. They argue that asking men out is a good experience that everyone should consider normal. Women have mastered appropriate strategies for asking men out successfully. It appears that establishing friendship with their target builds trust and confidence. Therefore, women can ask such men out comfortably. Most importantly, women require exceptional socialization skills to successfully ask men out. Women can also develop romantic attraction for some men and ask them out for an outdoor activity or a date.

Apparently, some women have been able to find their life time partners through asking men out. Women require adequate courage in order to make the first move to men they would like to ask out. Laura Ullman, in her article titled “Will you go out with me” pointed out that these are women who should actually ask men out. She noted that this arrangement is normal and should be acceptable to everyone (Buzzi 60).

There are several women who thrive in casual relationships since casual dates enable women to meet men and enjoy experiences together. Notably, this is possible even without emotional attachments. Furthermore, men take pride in women who genuinely recognize them and ask them out for dates. The casual relationships also provide women with the opportunity to understand their partners adequately. Undoubtedly, women have obtained massive benefits from relationships that started casually (Buzzi 60).

Women should also ask men out in order to develop healthy relationships. It is observable that healthy relationships are very crucial before people start dating. Furthermore, casual dating initiated by women through asking men out for dates are important in enhancing people’s interaction skills. There have been arguments by men that women who ask men out should not be judged. Sometimes men are too insensitive to comprehend moves women make towards them.

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However, men can never judge ladies who ask them out harshly. This is because most men appreciate ladies who recognize them. Indeed, most men are happy with ladies who approach them candidly with the message for a date. Conversely, men are aloof about women who use unfair strategies to influence them. This is an indication that men are no longer interested in ladies who hide behind some behaviors while seeking to achieve certain objectives with them. “Women should ask out men” because such experiences are important in enabling them to develop in many aspects (Buzzi 60).


Presently, the world is more civilized than before. This indicates that people are also increasingly becoming civilized. In particular, women are nowadays empowered. In the social interaction arena, women are presently equal to men. Therefore, it is a traditionally held belief that women should be asked out by men, however, this argumentative essay emphasized that women can and should ask men out instead. This is because gender equality has promoted women to the same level as men. Already, there are notable arguments that support the significance of women asking out men for dates.

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