Pilots and Officials Call for New U.S. UFO Probe

One of the most dramatic and fascinating ways that psychology and spirituality come together is in the case of UFO. A UFO (unidentified flying object) is only classified as a UFO after a thorough investigation where no plausible answer resulted from the investigation. Everything else is an IFO (identified flying object). This Editorial Paper brings the integral model to bear on the issue of UFO in the hopes of bringing some theoretical order and clarity to this puzzling experience. This editorial paper also includes the present and past opinions of the numerous high status people about UFO, their experiences or quotes about sighting UFO is also available here.

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UFO  (unidentified  flying  object)
Figure 1. UFO (unidentified flying object)

For the large number of scientists, opening to spiritual experience is a welcome and easily integrated process. But, for a small minority, spiritual experience occurs so rapidly or forcefully that it becomes destabilizing, producing a psycho-spiritual crisis.

During more then 50 years, experts of every kind have tackled the UFO mystery, but to no avail. All of them have failed in their attempts to give a plausible answer to the question “what are UFOs?” Every answer given to date has been hypothetical and never proven. I think there is a big part of the problems lies in the fact that UFO investigations are always backward looking. We have dealt with the problem as a story, not a reality. And nothing is going to change until we become proactive rather than reactive in our approach.

I conducted a detailed evaluation to find that the technology observed in most of the sightings was just a bit ahead of what was available in that era. The objects (UFO) were bigger than the balloons of the day, appeared as airships which were not yet a reality only a hypothetical mystery, had bright lights unlike anything in use, were observed over cities hundreds of miles apart, were investigated by scientists and lay people in the manner of current investigations, and when observed closely, exhibited technology that was definitely ahead of that time period. It was like to say from somewhere else someone came to earth and manufactured exploration vehicles that appeared like they could belong in that era, but were operating with systems and equipment that was more advanced than our equipments. All the reports about UFO since 1940s seemed to be similar, in that the technology involved is always ahead of the time in which it is occurring. But still there was a problem about reality because our investigations were based on what has been, not what will be. For this reason, we have great information about what has happened, but we do not seem to be any appropriate answer about what is reality.

Some experts have observed surprising facts. But still there is an unsolved mystery. I think to solve this puzzle we need to change our way of looking at the evidence. There are many observations serve to show the breadth of problem, some of them are listed below:

  • UFO sightings come in waves or flaps
  • Some locations have more sightings those others
  • UFOs may appear and disappear in clear air
  • Emit various kinds of electromagnetic radiation
  • Injure humans
  • Fly without observable motive power
  • Damage plants
  • Fly on collision course with aircraft, veering at the last minute
  • Leaves ground trace patterns
  • Affect aircraft avionics
  • Affect car motors, radios, lights, etc.

Throughout the history of the UFO mystery, people have claimed to interact with UFOs. While it is difficult to prove whether or not this really happened because some claims they can go to a hot spot and meditate and the UFOs respond by appearing, Earth disruptions seem to call UFOs. When the nuclear power plant was being built at Bay City, Texas, the earth moving went on around the clock. Heavy equipment operators reported UFO activity there on a frequent basis. In the 1950s and 1960s UFOs were reported in abundance over nuclear facilities.

Now we should start with the question, who sees UFOs?

UFO sightings, which recently appear to be on the increase around the world, can involve various equipments that have clearly defined shapes or may appear to be shapes surrounded by a burred appearance. That appearance may be related with the propulsion system of the UFOs.

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How often UFOs are flying around the skies totally undetected by observers or radar tracking systems? Unfortunately, we have no definite answer of above question, which is one aspect of the larger question of who sees UFOs, but amazing work has been done over the past several years in detecting and recording images of UFOs which are emitting infrared radiation, making them invisible to human observers. During the day shape of the UFOs is often readily determined, and those shapes can vary widely. Although in broad categories of shapes such as disks, spheres, eggs, triangles, boomerangs, rectangles, teardrops, and diamonds are commonly observed. The sizes of the objects can vary from the size of a basketball to craft thousands of feet across. We can’t say clearly anything about the different shapes of UFOs but there are some hypothetical approaches for that: ET species visiting our planet, each using various makes and models of transportation devices, reflecting the same preference for variety and utility that we humans express in our transportation vehicles. Not one model or size fits all uses. In nighttime observations the problem is that one can often only infer shape from light configurations unless the observation is made at very close range less than a few thousand feet away. In night the EMF effects around craft frequently make them appear as bright vague spherical objects, even at close range. The problem with the term UFO is that it is equated in the popular mind with extraterrestrial critters. Of course there are UFOs – objects observed in the sky that are not identified. As the evident says, explanations are found for 95% of them. The other 5% simply lack sufficient knowledge to draw any important conclusions and 0% has evidence of intelligent non-terrestrial origin.

10 most important dates in Ufology on the bases of Paul Kimball documentary on 10 best UFO cases

Here we will not be talk about personal opinion on these dates, but only the effect they had on our awareness and opinion of the subject. Here I am trying to give all the 10 most dates of ufology in chronological order.

  1. 1897 – Mystery of the Great Airship                                                                                                                                                                                                               What were people seeing in the skies back then? Sure, there were a lot of the stories gave by the bored newspaper editors, but now I am a core of sightings that were probably “real.” I think the flying machines were described as something just ahead of the technology of the time is most interesting about this. What I have always thought is that witnesses took a unusual experience and forced it into something that they could understand in terms of their period. Ghost hunter Richard Senate recently said, “I look into the subject and decide that it is possible but not very probable that there indeed could have been a secret group of inventors at the time, doing just what is reported”. Bill Moore and others have probed into the history of a shadowy group of just this type that called itself “The Sonora Aero Club.” But no one has been able to verify its existence.
  2. June 24, 1947 – Kenneth Arnold Sighting                                                                                                                                                                                                            I think there is no need to rehash this one because it is very popular incident that gave birth to our hobby.
  3. July 2-8, 1947 – Roswell Incident                                                                                                                                                                                                                          I think there is no need of this so I am not going to rehash this.
  4. September 24, 1947 – According to the incredibly disputed “Eisenhower Briefing” document, MJ-12 is possibly created. Possibly because of the fallout from Roswell MJ-12 was created by President Truman. While we have been escaping this issue back and forth for years, there do remain various references in leaked documents and un-confirmable personal recollections to some kind of group who is working on this issue at the highest levels to solve the mystery of UFO question. Since we know about MJ-12, it’s probably not that one. California breathed new life into Ufology after the announcement of the Eisenhower document at the 1987 NUFOC in Burbank. I think even your uninterested friends have heard about this group which working for UFO.
  5. September, 1949 – Project Sign Report                                                                                                                                                                                                          Also referred to by its actual name “Estimate of the Situation.” This was the very first conclusion reached by a group of scientists and a U.S. Air Force personnel was that the UFOs were “of extraterrestrial origin.” Either studying far ahead to the ETH debate, or the more likely the fact that he couldn’t handle the thought about this; General Hoyt Vandenburg rejected the findings as having no conclusive proof. He ordered to destroy the all copies of the report. Some may have survived well into the 1960s and possibly beyond, but none have ever surfaced publicly, leaving the Project Sign report in the same basket with the UFOs themselves. Ufologists have boasted on this one ever since Ed Ruppelt revealed its existence.
  6. July- August, 1952 – UFOs over Washington, D.C.                                                                                                                                                                                  Lights which were moving quickly and suddenly in a particular direction came in three waves, the first on July 19-20, the second from the 26-27, and the third from August 2-3. The lights flew over the Capitol, the White House, and also near Air Force bases in that area. (One of them, Bolling AFB, later became the Air Force’s clandestine intelligence clearing house for UFO reports.) Military and civilian radar operators confirmed the targets and became a huge embarrassment until General John Samford, AF Intelligence Chief Major, organized a press conference to explain that the sightings were due to temperature inversions. Although this condition is similar, but probably impossible, the inversion explanation is still trotted out sometimes only.
  7. November 20, 1952 –                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     George Adamski meets Orthon George picked a good year to have his CE3K. According to database 1952 was the biggest “flap” year on record. Although it is commonly believed that Adamski tried to make the whole thing up, this “event” was the beginning of the Contac tee movement, which has pleased the public and dogged “serious” Ufology ever since. I don’t think that the Contac tees made everything up, but I tried to cover that in brief.
  8. 1952-53 Robertson Panel                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Wanting to get in on the UFO action, The CIA ordered its own Estimate Of the situation with an ad-hoc committee (including J. Allen Hynek) who met for a total of 12 hours before submitting its report. Result of this committee said that about 90% of sightings about UFO were misidentifications so can not be explained but remaining 10% cases could be explained if given enough time to study. They also said that the Air Force should start a debunking campaign to keep a check on public hysteria in case the Russkies decided to use the panic for psy-war purposes or to hide military action and any other invasion. It should also be noticed that they were more concerned with national security than keeping the “real” extraterrestrials secret. I think they didn’t even accept that aliens existed.
  9. September 19, 1961 – Hill Abduction                                                                                                                                                                                                           When Barney and Betty Hill driving for home from Montreal they sighted a strange light in the sky near Lancaster, New Hampshire. After hearing a “beeping” sound, they felt dizzy and disoriented or very unusual, but continued the rest of their trip. Upon arriving at home in Portsmouth, they found that the trip had taken almost 2 hours longer than it should have. They met from a Boston psychologist for help because of months of lost sleep, ulcers, and not stopping nightmares. What was revealed under hypnosis was to affect the Hills and the entire abduction phenomenon forever.
  10. April 24, 1964 – Lonnie Zamora Sighting                                                                                                                                                                                                   Police Officer Lonnie Zamora drove up to investigate after seeing something fly over the road and into a nearby arroyo near Socorro, New Mexico. He saw something very unusual so probably that day was to become one of the best UFO sightings on record. As he approached over a rise, about 150 yards away, he saw there was an approx egg shaped object can say craft and about the size of a car sitting on the ground on “girder like” legs. There were also two human like figures in white coveralls stood near to the object. Perhaps they may be alien or whatever. When they saw him, one of them jumped as if startled and the both two figures went around behind the object. It lifted off with a high sound and a blue colored flame and was lost from sight in a few seconds. Project Bluebook and J. Allen Hynek were on the scene within 24 hours and declared publicly that the case is truly unexplainable.

The night of March 13, something happened in the skies over Arizona. But any one was not sure what it was, but thousands saw it, dozens photographed and videotaped it and people all over the state are haunted by it still.

After a few years, a retired senior aerospace expert from NASA-Ames Research Center and formerly NASA’s Chief of the Space Human Factors Office, Dr. Richard Haines, introduced a report containing over one hundred cases of pilot encounters with unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) that raise safety concerns, including fifty-six near misses. Haines had studied about thirty years developing a approx 3,400 case, international database of first hand sightings by commercial, military and private pilots and others. His independent work “Aviation Safety in America – A factor which was Neglected Previously” also draws on FAA, NASA and NTSB files. An international team of aviation specialists and scientists, they recently founded the National Aviation Reporting Center on 12 unusual Phenomena (NARCAP), which facilitates pilot reporting and studies a huge number of aerial phenomena affecting aviation safety. Many serious UFO investigators have noticed a striking similarity between some of the aliens described in UFO reports and the demonic spirits described in the Bible. Although it may not be possible to know whether some aliens are actually demons (and I certainly do not claim to know this myself), the well-documented connection between UFO phenomena and the occult cannot be denied.

Pilots reported the world’s most convincing and experienced observers of air traffic with great amount of specialized training. In the study for this field, they report sightings of varied geometric forms displaying colors and lights and conducting high-speed maneuvers that are unusual with known aircraft or natural phenomena. Pilots and other crew members working on aircraft report that the objects approached and paced their aircraft at relatively small distances, affecting on board instrumentation. They report, occasionally objects moving with very high speed narrowly avoided a head-on collision by a sudden, 90-degree turn. On other occasions, crew members made unexpectedly, evasive changes in their flight paths probably due to the proximity or dynamic behavior of the object. Cockpit distraction is always a concern “when the crew is faced with an extremely weird, unexpected and prolonged bright in color and/or solid phenomena cavorting near their aircraft,” says the report. According to Haines that the hundreds of UAP reports he has studied, some dating back to the 1940’s, “seem to provide knowledge that they are associated with a very high degree of intelligence, advanced energy management and planned flight control.” The study material the ridicule and “psychological negative feedback system” that pilots have faced since the 1950’s due the official debunking policy. Most pilots never file reports at all. Veteran Japan Airlines Captain Kenju Terauchi and his crew, In 1986s, encountered a huge craft over Alaska reported in the media and then investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Two space ships, unexpectedly, stopped in front of their face, shooting off lights,” reported Terauchi. “The inside cockpit shined brightly and he became hot in the face.” The incident reported by Terauchi resulted in his temporary dismissal, despite the FAA determination that he was stable, not incompetent and professional. Former Division Chief of the Accidents and Investigations Branch of the FAA in Washington, John Callahan, D.C., has in his owing the radar recorded data, FAA report, air traffic control voice transcripts, and computer printouts of the Terauchi event. He says he joined a meeting about the incident with the CIA, the FBI, and President Reagan’s scientific investigation team in which he was told, “this event never happened, we were never here and you are all sworn to secrecy.” “On radar I saw a UFO chase a Japanese 747 across the sky for more than half an hour. And it’s faster than anything that he know of in our Government,” said the high level FAA official in 2001. “Till now It bothers me that I’ve seen everything related to this, I know everything related to this, and I have answer for all the question, but nobody seems to interested to ask the question to get the answer.”

In the air Kucinich saw something that he could not identify should neither major news nor cause for amusement or alarm. If had said he was abducted by little grey humanoids that probed his butt, then I’d be worried for him, figuring either he is crazy, or sharing a bathroom stall with Larry Craig.


Sightings on 1st October approx 7 pm in western Sydney area

According to observers that was like a HOLDEN BLIMP, but the Blimp does not shoot out to outer space! As some has not seen the “blimp” could anyone else shed some light on what to expect?

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Sighting One

On 01/10/06, Sunday at Lidcombe Station around 19:16-19:18 someone saw a UFO. He was working for Pizza Hut Home Delivery. After he delivered a pizza to a family at Lidcombe, for going back to Pizza Hut he got into his car. At that time, he saw in the sky there was a very bright light, like somewhere there was a fire or something had blown up. After seeing this he became a little bit nervous. Then he heard a loud noise, like an aero plane hovered or moved slowly over them or taking off. He thought there was an air crash. But through the window inside his car, he could not see anything.

When he got out of his car, he saw there was something like fire breaking out from a rocket taking off! There were some people running out of their house and saw exactly the same thing. Then after about 30 seconds, it started to go very high in to the sky probably in to the outer atmosphere. Then he went into his car to get his mobile phone to take a photograph, but till that time, it was very far and very small probably like a fire ball. And after a few time it became a star in the sky and then disappeared.

Sighting Two

According to a South Asian guy living with his elder brother’s family, close to the West mead Children’s Hospital. They thought they saw a UFO over the skies around West mead in NSW. They live on a top floor apartment of 3 storey building and were watching the NRL final. His brother saw this slow moving horizontal flame (probably orange colored) from their living room about 7:15 pm. He started shouting and called others to watch this amazing phenomenon. There was no sound. The original size of this flame was as big as the size of about 2 footballs and similar to the shape of Haley’s Comet that appeared in 90’s. This phenomenon remained continued for abut 5 seconds then disappeared for a second or two then again came back to for another 2 seconds. And, then same thing happened again as was in sighting first, the flame became the size of a star with an orange glove which continued on the same path at the same speed, changing direction with the time. It was traveling from a south easterly direction and not as north he initially said. It was traveling westerly direction when they last saw it. It was traveling around 5000kmh. It came from the direction of Parramatta Park and parallel to Railway Parade. Then it went around Westmead Hospital to form a large circle and stopped before disappearing. They kept watching and it was last seen moving towards a north westerly direction at a very rapid speed. All this happened during a 15 minute period and the sky was busy with some air traffic. There was one Qantas jet and this object crossed its path whilst it was moving towards the north westerly direction. I think the pilots of some of the planes must have seen something related to this. The flame lit up the sky and it was no way an Army Night Vision flash or anything similar. I am sure many others may have also seen this or at least the initial flame.

Sighting Three

On 1st of October 2006 about 7:20pm, someone with his family was driving home from the city when above the car they sighted something unordinary. It seemed oval shaped and hovering above a bridge. At the back of this object there suddenly was some fire, and then it got bigger. They heard the noise that created by the fire. It observed like it was a rocket going up, and then went into like what looked like a small bright star, and then it left the earth and disappeared in outer space. The fire seen by them was sufficiently large, probably like a missile, and the noise they heard was like a craft or equipment of some kind. There was also a smell like of burning nitro or something else. I think some other people who were present there must have seen something related to this fire.

Sighting four

On 1st October 2006 at 7:06 PM, Mr. L, from Mount Pritchard, NSW observed a unusual thing about for 5 minutes. He was returning home from a day out and as he was turning into his car on his way, his wife and he saw, an uneven happening, a flare in the air. As they watched, it became to be an object burning up into the atmosphere. It hovered across the sky from left to right. He stopped his car in the middle of his way and both of them got off from the car and to watch this object burn away into nothing. It wasn’t to be, as after the bright orange flame there was something with a dim light and then it converted into a bright flame again for a few more seconds and then stopped. Phenomenon that he witnessed was an object that started to fly like a conventional plane across the night sky with a dim light. After observing it for the last few minutes all he could think was that the object could be an experimental craft returning from the upper atmosphere because there was no unusual happening of the object but a controlled flying path going to whatever destination it was going to. There were neither sound nor did it have any shape. It was just like a dim light, probably white in color which had no weird flight path.

Burragorang Valley UFO descriptions
Figure 3. Burragorang Valley UFO descriptions

Let’s concentrate at the questions of who sees UFOs and why only some people see them. On the surface, this question looks very easy to answer. We know on this planet all people can potentially have one or more observations during their lifetimes. People being at the right time at the right place could do this and other not. As real objects, UFOs offer the same vagaries of opportunity.

Some people seem to have frequent periodic sightings of UFOs. A number of observers report that a strong belief in ETs in craft visiting earth appears to result in their more frequent observations. To the viewpoint of believers is that of the skeptics and their nonscientific partners, the debunkers. It is clearly true that most skeptics and debunkers can make it through life without ever seeing what they believe to be a UFO. This case dramatically explained the strange aspect of UFO observation was the November 7, 2006 sighting by United Airlines ground and flight employees over Terminal C at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport. The ufology community and the mainstream media both reported this UFO sighting. It had the strange aspect because reported only by a select group of a dozen airline employees who had the access that allowed them to look directly above the terminal building over which a disk-shaped UFO hovered before making a dramatic exit by boring a clean-edged hole in the cloud cover some 1,900 feet above Chicago. This sighting was happened in the day. A question should arise there if on the airport terminal tarmac, one or more people could observe this craft 1,900 feet above them, then why did other not who may have been on other places near the airport, outside their nearby homes, going about their business in other ways, or driving to the airport see this large rotating disk-shaped UFO or photograph it, as at least one airline employee reportedly did? Were these people experiencing this sighting selectively because they were looking at right place at the right time and no one else was looking at the right place in the sky at that moment? Were they the only ones amongst many thousands of Chicago residents who had the opportunity to do so? Or whatever gives the idea about selective sighting of UFO. Sometimes the observer’s report they are very focused on the UFO and everything else doesn’t seem to flow normally in time and space around them. On other occasions, number of observers in a city or a crowded interstate highway will report a huge UFO hovering or moving slowly over them.

About two dozen former pilots and government officials of an international panel called on the U.S. government on Monday to reopen its generation-old UFO investigation as a matter of safety and security given continuing reports about unusual flying objects like disks, glowing spheres and other strange sightings. “Especially after the attacks of 11September, it is no longer satisfactory to ignore radar returns, which cannot be associated with performances of existing aircraft and helicopters,” In a news conference they released this statement. Former senior military officers and other panelists from seven countries said they had each seen a UFO or conducted an official investigation into UFO phenomena.

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In last month when Dennis Kucinich, a member of Congress from Ohio, said during a televised debate with other Democratic candidates that he had seen one, the subject of UFOs introduced itself in the U.S. presidential race. UFO sightings also claimed by both former presidents Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter. A panelist who once worked for Britain’s Ministry of Defense said 5 percent of incidents cannot be explained. But UFO activists say most of the time UFO sightings are dismissed by relative authorities without proper investigations on the evidence. “A question must arise here who is going to believe: your lying eyes or the government?”, said John Callahan, a former Federal Aviation Administration investigator, in 1987, who said the CIA tried to hide the information of the sighting of a big lighted ball about four times the size of a jumbo jet in Alaska. The subject surfaces constantly on talk shows. And the army of people demanding answers has grown to the point that a Phoenix city councilwoman has launched an inquiry. The panel, organized by a group dedicated to winning authority for the study of UFOs, urged Washington to resume UFO investigations through the U.S. Air Force or NASA. Former Arizona Gov said, “It would surely, I think, take a lot of feeling of anxiety and worry about this issue.” In 1997, Fife Symington said that he was among hundreds who saw a delta-shaped craft with enormous lights silently traverse the sky near Phoenix. The Air Force investigated 12,618 UFO reports from 1947 to 1969 in what was known as Project Blue Book. Experts concluded that the incidents posed no threat and there was no evidence of space aliens or a super technology in operation. The sightings come in the picture at a time when interest in UFOs borders on a national obsession, saturating the movie industry, television and literature. After the surveying this month by Time magazine and CNN found that about 22% of adult Americans believe intelligent beings from other planets have been in contact with human beings. In last September it is also found by a Gallup poll 72% of Americans think on other planets there is life also. “They think the U.S. government knows more about UFOs than it’s telling”, said about 71% Americans.

Residual UFOs not only appear to be nonphysical and intelligent, they sometimes seem malevolent as well. Many of those claiming to have had a residual UFO encounter have suffered emotional, psychological, and/or physical injury. A few people have even died after such encounters. In light of these strange characteristics, many researchers have reached similar conclusions about the possible source of these phenomena. The idea that UFOs might produce some unique odors originally carried a touch of humor. According to a early survey of the literature turned up 18 cases where witnesses noticed peculiar odors and attempted to describe them. Comparisons with sulphur dioxide, as in rotten eggs, were the most numerous. Other descriptions referred to benzene and its derivatives. Finally, a number of descriptions almost certainly identified ozone. The fact is that more people are seriously interested in UFOs now than they ever have. “Convincing the government may be an exercise in futility, but it’s not hard to find believers on the streets”, says Don Ecker, research director and news editor at UFO Magazine.

Triangle or V shaped UFO
Figure 4. Triangle or V shaped UFO

Several tried to give explanation but neither has anybody else, according to Michael Tanner and Jim Dilettosa. They are two who own Village Labs, a Tempe, Ariz., firm that designs computerized special effects for the federal government for Hollywood and supercomputers. They moonlight as analysts of UFO tapes. They saw a computer analysis of videos shot by amateur observers, which comparing the mysterious lights to every other light on the Phoenix skyline videotaped that night. The lights overhead were not like the usual light but was were not like the usual light but was dramatically unique, according to them this was a perfectly uniform light with no glow and no variation from one edge to the other. They have ruled out lasers, flares, holograms and aircraft lights as sources. Dilettosa says, “I have no idea what they were”. Tanner has been videotaping witnesses and sorting out the chronology for this part. According to his present view: Including the V formation there were four objects, all arriving out of the north at about the same instant and leaving the same way they came. But unfortunately neither man is a scientist by training. All of them are businessmen who dependent on the sophisticated software of others. So while their work goes on, Frances Barwood, Phoenix Councilwoman, is leading the cry for an official probe. In a council meeting on May 6 she look on that role when she asked City Manager Frank Fairbanks whether anyone was investigating the incident or not? Perhaps she was the first official to raise a question publicly, and local media made a big issue for this. Then the people who had seen it started calling her into her home and office. “There were 37 the first day,” Barwood says. ”After that, it raised into the hundreds. “A Little League coach called her to say their families and both teams had seen this. Most wanted their names kept out of it, but they wanted answers. Heck, if I had seen it, I’d want answers, too.” She also got calls from doctors, lawyers, celebrities and others.

A UFO expert Tom Gonsalves did carve the several figure of something and titled them “Moon-Men” and what they looked like at the crash site.

These figures are drawn here.

Tom Gonsalves Moon Men
Figure 5. Tom Gonsalves Moon Men

A variety of gospels are being preached in present pluralistic society. And among the great crowd of voices demanding loudly for our attention are many UFO cults. A number of these cults have arisen, frequently around a charismatic leader who claims to be in regular contact with otherworldly beings since the 1950s. Unlike the abduction phenomenon many Contac tees do not claim to have ever seen the otherworldly beings with whom they communicate. Rather, they claim that the psychically or telepathically aliens communicate with them. Otherworldly beings communicate their messages to humankind with the help of channel, or medium, simply known as Contac tee. This method of contact is rather intriguing for those who favor the inter-dimensional hypothesis. According John Saliba, “Many Contac tees write about UFOs and space beings as if these were psychic phenomena, belonging to a different time/space dimension that lies beyond the scope of modern science.”

There are some expert’s experiences and quotes also play an important role for defining the existence of aliens. Most of them are discussed here.

Describing the contact of human being from aliens
Figure 6. Describing the contact of human being from aliens

Hopkins, Jacobs, Mack and others experts have written some very thought providing reports on their work with experiences. Probably each of them has come to a different conclusion about what this part of the mystery means. But many experiences produce similar effects (tranquilized partner, paralysis, movement through walls, removal from room or car, seeing little abductors and big abductors, sleep problems, nightmares, scoop marks, fear, repeat engagements, and much more) and after effects. Experiences vary in their response to this intrusion into their lives. Numbers of them are changed in some sort.

  • Some get messages about the ecology of the planet or saving the planet.
  • Some gain insight into some advanced technologies. About thirty years ago a good friend, a Lutheran pastor reported sighting of new technology that he was getting. Unfortunately he was not a technical person and so he needs technically oriented people to seek answers of that happening. Many other have also reported similar experiences.
  • Some get the messages of endearment and love for their abductors.
  • Some are impressed by great waves of hate and fear.
  • Some make drastic changes in their careers by learning new skills, and do things quite out of the unusual for them.
  • Some information increased the psi/pk abilities.

Some experts covered a huge range of strange, weird experiences they beard. One man said that at the age of about 10, he would frequently go out to play at with his friends. All of them would gather at a certain location close to his home. The interesting thing is that these ‘kids’ all had blue skin (notice that nobody has ever claimed GREEN skin, popularly used by debunkers when referring to ‘Little Green Men’ ) just never look to have registered as being significant to him at the time. Experiences of the classic mysterious pregnancies is described by other women, interesting thing is that there is no men involved, and about three months later mysterious abortions overnight resulted in equally (no conventional miscarriages with all those types of change in body usually expected in those circumstances). Tales of being aboard alien craft were all part of these events in their lives. 15 mysterious pregnancies is counted by one lady with subsequent disappearing fetuses and became emotional with visible, glinting tears running down her cheeks as the memories rushed back into her mind. Same thing was done by another lady and she broke up fully and couldn’t speak at all for a lengthy period after obviously remembering similar types of happenings. The last one spoke of being healed of cancer by alien beings. A conference held on UFO was very smoothly run conference with a mix of highly interesting speakers covering all aspects of the UFO phenomenon and two main facts were come in to mind, which are described below.

  1. Dr. Steven Greer has never met a hostile alien in his contacts with these entities and numbers of other experiences around the world have documented unusual healings after experiencing these beings in various situations that they got themselves in.
  2. Timothy Good showed evidence of military confrontations in the skies between alien craft and their going back over 60 years, resulting in many dead pilots and destroyed aircraft due to these aerial engagements. I have also read that the Chinese Air Force have and also the Russian Air Force have adopted a policy of no longer shooting at UFO’s but obviously I can’t be sure if this still holds or not.

According to Ademar Gevaerd’s evidence of the unprovoked, for a large period of time in 1978 both day and night, concentrated laser beam fire directed at innocent fishermen going for their daily routines in the Amazon Rivers, due to this their skin burns severely. So from all of the above information overall that came out at that conference, it would conclude that there may be probably two kinds of aliens – those that are benevolent and those that are hostile. What this means for the future of the human race on this planet is further clouded by the continuing cover up. But people trying to hide the facts about all this may know perhaps due to a lot more about the alien agenda or they may not know much more than we do and another reason from their point of view for keeping everyone in the dark. If some of these secrets keepers have an opinion of their own, it could very likely be one framed around not only hostility to the alien races but to the rest of us here being purposely kept in the dark also. In my opinion, it is probably greater danger to the human race on this planet.

Orfeo Angelucci was an aircraft-plant assembly-line worker. In 1955 he claimed that he had met and interacted with superhuman beings probably from other planets, which placed him in a shuttle and took him to earth orbit, where he saw a gigantic Mother Ship drift past. Coincidentally, Angelucci had self-published a strange book containing his weird speculations on astronomy and, physics and, would you believe it, the Space People told him he was right, whoever might scoff. I find relatively little about Angelucci on the Internet today. Angelucci’s 1955 book, Secret of the Saucers, was written with the help of, and published and advertised by, veteran science fiction editor Ray Palmer.

From 1957, Buck Nelson claims when he was 63 years of age. This Ozark farmer led no religious idea. In July of 1956 the, overall-attired Buck told reporters that a spacecraft landed on his farm, and eventually he was e taken to Mars, where he was given a 385-pound Venusian black dog named Bo. On returning back to earth, probably due to cosmic rays Bo named dog lost all his hair. For proof of his adventures, he sold small envelopes full of stiff black hair at the flying saucer conventions he organized in the late 1950s.

On Careful studying the UFO case histories can give considerable detail on the sensory responses of witnesses. Furthermore, a parallel survey for variety of subjects of scientific literature will sometimes disclose specific mechanisms that may be credible for the reported effects. Experimental data reported by the experts in the literature or can provide quantitative information about the parameters of UFO fields and the physiological responses. It has been found that most UFO effects on people can be attributed to a complex field consisting of two components, namely:

  1. in the microwave region an electromagnetic field having                                                                                                                                                                              a)  Frequency in the range of 200 to 3,000 MHz,                                                                                                                                                                                            b) Pulse repetition rate of 50 to 100 sec–1, and                                                                                                                                                                                                c) Pulse width of 1 to 100, more likely 10 to 40 microseconds.
  2. A magnetic field that varies intensity slightly about every two seconds.

Two major points also concluded by the reports of UFOs:

  1. They hover in the sky without any indication of propulsion system such as propellers, jets, or rockets have. No momentum is transferred to the atmosphere and there is a notable absence of violent and noisy downwash. The objects appear to free from gravitational force.
  2. The other point is their strange manner of flitting about. Observers are often startled by an unusual acceleration far exceeding normal experience, also by instantaneous stops and right-angle turns at high speed. Not only they but also behave as though they had no inertia.

On the basic philosophical level I make a statement of the total UFO story as I have come to understand it. The UFO sources have a view of the universe and man within it upon which they build all their actions toward us. This is what we are getting from the bulk of these UFO contacts. The information due to which the universe is made is Infinite consciousness. This by definition is the Creator. This consciousness about UFO created vibrations through infinite space. In our physical these basic vibration known as the photon, the basic particle-wave called light. This light vibration is the raw material used to make everything that there is within the creation. The vibrations which were fashioned from light exist over a large range of frequencies, only a small portion of which is apparent within our present physical reality. All atoms may be of our physical reality or not are simply more complex rotations and vibrations of the basic photon.


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