Internet Technology: Creating a Website


This paper is set to explain the way the internet has changed lives and its effect on the pace at which businesses are conducted all over the world today. It also highlights the benefits and problems posed by its use. Internet is about e-commerce and conduct of business which includes purchasing and selling of goods and services. It has also been used in marketing, advertisement, and public relations between people, companies, corporations, and organizations. It creates awareness and provides free information to clients, academicians, and other members of society. It has increased awareness and has endowed better judgment to clients.

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The worldwide website has been used to connect the producer, supplier, consumer, and government. The major purpose of the creation of websites is to increase the speed of carrying out business transactions. Most companies choose to create their websites by following the following easy steps. This has led to e-commerce that has increased business transactions.

Creation of a website

When creating a website, one should take into consideration what his business is about. This should lead one into getting a domain name. A domain name should be got by the company and should focus on what it markets or what the company is about. For example, if a company sells paintings then its domain name could be Then one should obtain a web space from hosting companies. Webspace is space on a computer owned by a hosting company. Most hosting companies rent webspace to companies that need it at a certain fee per year. Photos and images concerning the company are posted and linked. The domain name is registered online and this is done by the same hosting company.

While designing a website, several factors should be taken into consideration. Since most websites are designed for clients/ users they should be designed to be user-friendly. The speed of accessing this website should be fast.

This can be achieved by reducing the size of files, avoiding big graphics and images. Speed can also be improved by the use of cascading style sheets and much of it should be put into hypertext makeup language. (Html)The web pages designed should match the pages used in advertising in the media. The technical element of writing using Javascript should also be taken into account.

Navigation should be made easy by consistently arranging files according to their importance and making them clear. Web accessibility is important and it should cater to people with mild problems like color blindness, poor eyesight, blindness. There should be tools that fit all clients. Those that are physically impaired deaf & blind should have navigation tools that make accessibility easy.

It is advisable to set computer resolutions at a minimum of 640×480 pixels and a maximum of 1280×1024 pixels. The Colour used should match. It should not be overcrowded. Headlines should be highlighted to increase visibility. Fonts of adequate size should be used so that the users should not strain to read. The language of expression should be easy to understand and should not be offensive.

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When implementing an e-commerce website, the human factor should be considered. Though most companies consider minimizing the costs involved in making a website, they fail to recognize the usability of the website by the end-user. It should be marketable and accepted by the end-user. It should increase the efficiency of user interface design. The experience earned by the user is the major key to achieving its acceptability. Every company should have a webmaster that will update the website on the latest information regularly.

To make your website popular, one can use email, posters, and flyers to advertise. One should also consider user experience and what their comments are about it. Post-sales support should be offered. A company can also offer incentives like free shipping and also discounts to increase its sales. One should display his phone number for easy phone orders. Questions asked frequently should be taken into consideration. Email addresses of the company should also be provided for easy contact by the clients.

Websites should be secured by having passwords. This can be got by clients after they call the company’s customer care service. Hackers provide a major threat to the existence and efficiency of websites. Some hackers may post error messages as part of dirty campaigns to scare away clients. Since websites are open to anyone other companies could provide the same service or products at lower prices reducing their profits. Breaching of the security of clients should not be done through most of them cannot pass their credit card details. Most companies have used so much money to protect their websites from corporate espionage and hackers.

A domain name that focuses on the company deals with is very important. People accessing the website do not have to go through a hard time looking for what they want. An example is youtube. Its domain name youtube has helped with marketing because it is designed for airing anyone’s views. This name is memorable and personal to some level. It focuses on you; the user.

On the positive side, eCommerce has increased sales for most companies because placing orders is fast. Information is easily accessible to clients. Society has become more informed due to increased awareness. Literacy levels have increased because of the eagerness of many to learn more from the websites. Suppliers and customers of the company have more information and can get their services and goods fast. The operation capital of most companies especially in marketing and advertising has been reduced.

In addition, the internet has also some detriments. Many a client can’t come to terms with trusting it. They find it risky to transact business with a company that they have not seen. Accessing the Internet in third-world countries is low due to poor infrastructure, poverty, and illiteracy. In some countries, some information is censured and sometimes companies are fined. This increases their operating costs. Some websites foster the sale of illicit drugs and lead to an increase in suicidal tendencies among young people.


In my opinion, the internet is good since it has increased the volume and pace of trading globally, reduced hurdles in communication making the world a global village.

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