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Policy in Nursing and Healthcare

Nurses as Activists

Today, many people are involved in the discussions about the roles of nurses and their consideration as activists, who are able to improve modern health care and contribute the solution of nursing challenges that may occur at local, national and even global levels. Taking into consideration the fact that many innovations and alternatives are available to people, it is not a surprise to observe new approaches to the solution of problems and new treatment methods that can be offered to patients. Nurse activism is a new concept that attracts the attention of many people, including patients, physicians, nurses, and families. Nurse activists want to be involved in doing many things (Peate, Wild, & Nair, 2014).

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I want to believe that practical activities nurse activists want to choose, energy, and even fun can make the field of nursing interesting and fascinating from a number of perspectives. It is not enough to sit and make notes. It is expected to participate in the hospital’s life, communicate with different people, and share personal experiences using different methods. I believe that nurses as activists have a positive impact on the fields of health care and nursing. They can assist people, share their opinions, and investigate the cases from different perspectives. At the same time, there should be some control over nurses. Even the most evident activists cannot have the necessary portion of knowledge about patients, their diseases, and treatments. Activists should not make fast and unreliable decisions just in order to make any. Their goal should be the help to patients and their families, but not the demonstration of knowledge and abilities only. It is not always easy for active nurses to cope with emotions and knowledge. They should try to meet the expectations and goals of nursing.

Nurse Advocate for Two Case Studies

In the case of Barbara Howe and the case of Terri Schiavo, the role of ethics and norms that have to be met by nurses and other medical workers cannot be neglected. In addition to the consideration of personal issues, attitudes, and a decision-making process, nurses, as well as other participants in health care, should think about the financial aspect, the quality of care, and the outcomes of treatment that may be achieved. In the case of Howe, the decisions of the end-of-life committee proved that the patient could no longer be treated in order to meet the initial goals and promote the conditions for living and communicating with the family (Mason, Leavitt, & Chafee, 2013).

Even if patients and families demonstrate a high interest in medicine and prove the level of their education and the abilities to think and investigate different cases, they cannot make final decisions if they are connected with health or nursing care. There are special people, who are able to investigate the case and make a solution. There are certain standards and norms with the help of which care is offered to patients and developed. Even if one decision is made, it can be changed under new conditions. Nurses, or other medical staff, could be aware of the peculiarities of a treating process. Families and patients cannot. Therefore, such nursing activism and the intentions to change the decisions in taking care of patients as demonstrated in two cases, Howe’s and Schiavo’s, create certain dilemmas and raise some questions. Is nurse activism necessary for society? Yes, without any doubts. It cannot be neglected because it helps to improve nursing and the positions of all people involved in this healthcare process.


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