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Political Sciences: Taiwan is Belonging to China


The official name of Taiwan, which is an independent state in East Asia, is the Republic of China. Initially, Taiwan Island was based in China, the People’s Republic of China that is commonly known as the China Mainland. The countries that neighbor the ROC include Japan, the Philippines, and the PRC. The island was the home of Taiwanese until the 17th century when the Dutch and Spanish settled on the island. During this time, the Han Chinese also started migrating to the island, making the Dutch be expelled from the region.

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Han Chinese, being so many in Taiwan after the massive immigration, led to the establishment of their kingdom in the country. Many critics today argue that the ROC belongs to China, an argument that might or might not be true. This paper will argue this point, showing how the ROC belongs to China, not only politically, but also geographically.


There was a war in China that resulted in the defeat of Taiwan, and China took it. The Republic of China (ROC) was established in China in 1912, but after Japan’s surrender in 1945, the PRC assumed its control and hence the debate on whether Taiwan belongs to China or not. After the Chinese Civil War, the Communist Party formed the PRC, making the ROC relocate its government to Taiwan. After that, its power remained within Taiwan and the islands surrounding it.

The PRC took the part that the ROC had in the United Nations, implying that the ROC’s recognition reduced as people started to concentrate on PRC. From the Taiwan Constitution, there is a dispute whether the whole of China belongs to its government. From the introduction, one can argue that the fact that PRC replaced the ROC in the United Nations, then the ROC is under China. The two countries shared the name of China.

The government of Taiwan does not clearly define its political relations with China, making it more of China’s part than an independent state. The political relationship between the two countries depends on the political party that is in power. The PRC, on the other hand, claims ownership of Taiwan as its province and denies the presence of the ROC as an independent state. The PRC has even taken the step to threaten the ROC by implying that it might even use force to fight for Taiwan in case it declares to be independent of it.

Because Taiwanese culture is Chinese, there is no doubt that China controls Taiwan, and the rulers of Taiwan cannot deny this fact. There is no question whatsoever that Taiwan and China, which are both located in South East Asia, belong to the same area geographically. Both countries are in “China” historically, which could be proof that Taiwan was initially in China before the age of discovery in the 17th century.

On the other hand, it can be argued that Taiwan does not belong to China because there are some slight differences regarding the nations’ culture, arts, science. Although they share some aspects, it could be attributed to their geographical proximities. Also, Taiwan does not subscribe to the idea of originating from the Qing Dynasty.

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In conclusion, it is clear that China and Taiwan are one thing geographically, although both of them have different political inclinations. Politically, it is also clear that the ROC is not even sure about its constitution based on its relationship with the PRC. This confusion gives the PRC the upper hand. Therefore, the ROC is part of the PRC. For Taiwan to be independent, it needs to improve its governance and make informed decisions on what it wants as a state.

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