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Political Issues: The United States Military

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The United States military is considered to be one of the most respected forces in the world. The treatment that the serving men and women receive there is full of respect, proper training, and many other advantages. One of the primary reasons one would want to become an officer in the army is the patriotic duty and the need to protect the country and its people. Another reason would be to contribute to peace and equality for the country and the world.

The military has one of the most advanced technologies in the world, as soldiers have to face the harshest conditions in their service and general life. This provides for a safe environment, and soldiers can be sure that everything will be done to guarantee them safety. The training is most advanced, and a person will be motivated to push themselves to the limit. This sort of life develops skills and self-esteem that are very necessary for every person.

The peace and goals that the United States and its army have are centered on proving that the nation and its military will do anything to establish and maintain peace. Today, there is an increase in the literature that focuses on the provision and retaining of peace. These missions are not only theories on how to manage the conflict and set peace, but they lay out the procedures and the necessary steps as well. Military plays an instrumental role in delivering the set-out missions and providing the avenue to a safer future.

The main point is to establish order and support system. Democratic governments have been able to avoid war, and this shows that they have several policies in place. The threat to use force comes as a last resource and is partly dictated by the citizens and their protection. It is greatly noticeable that the cooperation between the counties with democracy is beneficial to the partnering nations and the military force; each one offers plays a key role in cooperation and communication.

Not only soldiers are involved in battles, but they also provide a service at a peaceful time, and this is an attractive quality of the service as well. The structure and lawful organization that the army offers to make it a unique environment that is much different from other jobs. The dedication and ability to put others before one’s own needs is one of the defining characteristics, and a lot of people believe they must become a part of the system that provides protection.

An equally important point is the education and prestige that the army ensures its men and women. People will be dealing with many aspects of life and service, so they must have a very wide sided knowledge of life and all other professions. It is a great opportunity for people to get to know themselves better and discover new things about the world and training.

It is clear that the laws that are directed towards the creation and maintenance of peace are enforced by the army and police. Not only each nation has them, but there are also international laws set up by the world’s organizations and the United Nations. The search for world peace, as well as inner one, can be accomplished through becoming an officer in the United States military service.