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Population Control Discussion

The thing that I did not suspect before is the thoughts about forced birth control. The question of the morality of having children is quite strange from the point of view of humanity. On the one hand, the authors push us to think about the future, the planet, and climate change. On the other hand, forcibly restricting the birth rate is a violation of human rights. A critical remark on the issue is about developing countries, where people do not have enough informational and material resources for family planning. This problem should be separated from general morality since it has a different direction and can be solved by sex education.

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Malthus argued that the growing population would lack food supply in the future, which is incorrect. An increase in the number of people does not mean a rise in the manifestations of hunger since, with an expansion in this indicator, others also grow to maintain a balance. Hunger here is understood as acute crisis periods and not the constant problems present in developing countries. According to Hasell, the death rate from protein and energy deficiency in 2000 was about 485 thousand people, and in 2017 the same indicator is equal to 232 thousand people. Research proves that the development of society and technology allows us to meet consumer demand.

A more balanced approach is a humane strategy to world problems. For example, the state can give bonuses to families who have decided to have only one child; this will help keep the number of the population at the same level. However, the decision on how many children to give birth should remain free. For developing countries, mandatory sex education lessons should be introduced, which will help them to be more aware and reduce the population. Rational use of resources and exploring new ones can help to maintain products at a sufficient level.

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