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“The Book of Eli” Movie Review

“The Book of Eli Movie” is set in post-apocalyptic times, with Eli being the protagonist. Eli is a Godly person driven by his faith in God and is on a mission to preserve and protect the only remaining copy of the Bible. Ethics can also be analyzed in this film to determine whether Eli was ethical or not. This report focuses on what role did faith play in Eli’s journey to the West and whether or not Eli was justified in killing the individual who opposed him so he could complete his mission.

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Eli’s journey to the West has primarily been influenced by his beliefs. In this case, he is purely driven by his faith in God, and this spirituality has played a significant role in the success story of Eli. People have different faiths, which guide them in their daily lives. Moreover, different religions have various beliefs that their followers embrace. For instance, Christians and Muslims focus on the creator’s commandments to ensure that they do not engage in ungodly behaviors. Eli says that walking by faith in God and commitment to following God is what has kept him moving and strong (Guyette 217). Many Christians believe that their power comes from their creator. Therefore, Eli’s journey was influenced by his faith and beliefs.

People also trust that faith can help an individual achieve his or her goals. For example, Eli states that faith helps him to achieve things that could seem difficult. Moreover, the audience can learn from the movie that Eli is a wanderer who walked across the wasteful landscape for thirty years. This is an area that Eli is not aware of and has not been here before (Guyette 218). Moreover, at some point, he even goes towards the East direction instead of the West direction, but he claims it is by faith that he arrives at his destination safely. Additionally, robbers and thieves take charge of the area, and they want to take the last copy of the Bible from Eli. Thus, faith is an essential aspect that helps people achieve their goals, as depicted in Elis’s journey to the West.

Different people have also used faith as a source of protection and guidance. In this case, through his faith in God, Eli does not fall into this Solara’s deception. At first, he rebukes Solara out of his bedroom, but after she explains to him the consequences that would follow her if she never did this, Eli changes his stand and welcomes her to the bedroom but still does not fall into the set-up (Guyette 221). Instead, Eli takes this as a chance to teach Solara how to do her prayers. Thus, faith played different roles that helped Eli overcome challenges in his journey to the West.

Ethical considerations can also be analyzed when focusing on Eli’s journey. In this case, in his quest to accomplish his mission of preserving the copy of the Bible, Eli is involved in various fights. Eli kills most of his attackers in these fights as he tries to protect himself and the Bible. He committed murder when the robbers were trying to rape Solara, whereby Eli finds them and kills them. Eli is justified in committing these killings since it was out of his self-defense. Thus, based on ethical considerations, one can argue that Eli’s killings were justified as he was protecting himself, and failure to murder the attackers would have led to his death.

To sum up, “The Book of Eli Movie” is fascinating and educates the audience about the challenges people face in the community. For instance, Eli faces difficulties in his journey to the West. However, faith helps him overcome the challenges and meet his goals. Ethics is another vital aspect that should be considered in the community. People are encouraged to live morally. Nonetheless, some situations can be difficult for individuals to be ethical. For example, Eli is forced to kill the attackers to protect himself. Therefore, there are different aspects of life that have been portrayed in Elis’s journey to the West.


Guyette, Fred. “The Book of Eli.” vol. 2, no. 1, 2014, pp. 217-221.

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