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Principles of Population Health

Population health outlines the prevention of illness and injuries within definite communities (Certificate II in Population Health, p. 5). In this prospect, the theme of protection and safety of human beings should be taken into account by the officials in the form of a governmental program. It is necessary for the nation, especially, when talking about the well-being of employees in the workplace. The idea of a safe workplace is significant in modern society while talking about heavy industries. People are constantly trying to improve their life or to maintain stability in them. Also, people are divided into several layers in terms of economic welfare. All of them are considered to follow the instructions in the workplace. Plants and factories, in particular, are dangerous because of the perpetual risk to be injured, unless following proper instructions of the working process day and night. Such danger to be seriously injured with probable further incapacity for work or even death is concerned with heavy industries. Australia has many recent examples of accidents in the workplace. Parliamentary Library of Australia states one example of troubles with employees:

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Western Australia: in May 2004, one company lost three workers and had another three seriously injured due to workplace accidents. Two workers were killed in separate accidents after being struck on the head by equipment. Another worker was killed and three more injured after an explosion at an iron briquette plant (Parliamentary Library of Australia para. 2).

This is why an individual being in such dimensions of activity should follow at least elementary instructions as to labor safety. Death in the workplace can fall into two reasons: by accident or by disease. Population health is an issue that should be strictly outlined in detail according to workplace safety. Though, the paper presupposes a specific structure of problem evaluation with current practical examples and precautions regarding the outline.

Safety principles and objectives are incorporated in the project of population health in the workplace. The main steps according to which the project is evaluated and built are: identification of main goals, making a community forum, elaboration of supporting team, checking out of opportunities, identification of needs, seeking for funding, development of the relations with major stakeholders (Beck Health & Nutrition 57). Also, the project discusses the worst effects, if the instructions are violated. Special attention is taken to the extent of cancer possibility and the ways of employees’ actions for in-time prevention of this danger. In this respect, the idea of population health is elaborated in the project due to the experience of previous times and statistical data gathered nationwide. For more efficiency of the campaign, it will touch upon the straightforward place, where people work. The information will be provided using schemes, pictures, warning signs and information stands throughout the territory of a workspace. Moreover, the results of the project will be assumed in the form of the report updated on the official website and major national periodicals, so that to show the proportional changes in Australia in this or that respect. Thereupon, the database will then be used as a comparative source for further campaigns in population health and its improvement in the workplace, particularly. Main prospects on which the project stands are: fairness, learning, respect, effectiveness, integrity, confidentiality (Certificate II in Population Health 17). This measurement is presupposed with three elements of project design: promotion – prevention – protection (Certificate II in Population Health, p. 17).

Such three parameters are helpful for better implementation of the project. Though, it includes the last updated data from the World Health Organization, Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing. Moreover, the internal and external sources are also included to make up the project. Among the internal are: “hazard, incident and investigation reports; workplace inspections; Job Safety Analyses (JSA); reports and audits, employees’ handbooks and questionnaires” (Certificate II Learners Guide 15-16). Among external sources are: “National Safety Council of Australia (NSCA), Commonwealth Rehabilitation Center (CRS), The Australian Safety and Compensation Council (ASCC)” (Certificate II Learners Guide 16). These major sources are taken into account, to promote competent information and approaches for employees to better assimilate their working schedule with points on risk decrease using adherence to the instructions. Information from several most significant educational establishments of Australia will be accomplished as resources. Among them are the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, the Curtin University of Technology, and some organizations, namely Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council, National Public Health Partnership, etc.

Wide support of information resources is a convincing background for financial sponsorship. The assets of financing are supposed to come from two main sources: government and non-government. As the objectives of population health are implemented as a part of the nationwide program, then there is a chance to apply to Australian bodies of health improvement in the workplace, particularly. In the era of high technologies, information about current non-government funding programs can be found via the Internet. There are many websites to provide the necessary information and the possibility to have grants or support from different organizations. Such resources promote the possibility to win a grant in a special section throughout the interface of the site. One more source of funding is considered straightforwardly with firms and companies where this project will be implemented and developed. The safety of employees is up to a company. It is a guarantee of good feedbacks and high results of work along with non-problematic relationships with the government.

Example 1 For the work environment with heavy industries the following poster is reliable to adequately underline the problem of risk in the workplace and its prevention from probable accidents due to the strict adherence:

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Dear employee!

A workplace is a place where a man can realize his/her skills and talents with further evaluation of labor quality. It is rather necessary to follow the instructions of safety and rules outlined for the employees in different departments. Everyone in the workplace has responsibility for occupational health and safety (Certificate II Learners Guide 13)! Thus the following requirements should be fulfilled in the workspace:

  1. Take reasonable care for the safety of the colleagues without disturbing them or make their working risky;
  2. Collaborate with the senior administration and employer in any approach, so that to make the working environment safer;
  3. Work safely with proper use and maintenance of machinery and equipment;
  4. Every time check the workplace for the presence of probable hazards (Certificate II Learners Guide, p. 14).

Employees should pay attention to places where there is a probable health risk. Mind the meaning of special signs in areas of high dangers for health. Do not attend such areas without an extreme necessity.

Special signs in areas of high dangers for health
Figure 1. Special signs in areas of high dangers for health
Special signs in areas of high dangers for health
Figure 2. Special signs in areas of high dangers for health
 Special signs in areas of high dangers for health
Figure 3. Special signs in areas of high dangers for health

Remember! The safety of every employee depends on you. Self-conscientious people are in favor of the workplace.

Example 2 The second example demonstrates the brochure with points on how to prevent cases of cancer in the workplace. Also, this material provides a chain of instructions about carcinogens and their danger to employees.

Making workspace safer from cancer

Safeguard the workplace from potential carcinogens is vital. It saves employees and makes the workplace usable and workable. The thing is that each year cancer kills 152 000 people using lung, larynx, skin, leukemia, and nasopharyngeal (World Health Organization 10). It is better to provide prophylactics of workspace for the presence of carcinogens and dangerous in this respect materials and factors, to prevent cancer within employees.

While starting work in a company be sure that the workplace is clean and has no dangerous materials, such as asbestos or liquids stimulating cancer and its development. Look after the constant procedure of washing and cleaning of the working area.
Be sure that a company provides proper care services with the participation of representatives from Health Care organizations nationwide. Apply to the responsible bodies of your company for having a survey.
In case of possible symptoms, an employee should appeal to the subjects of Medicare for prophylactic and treatment actions. Also, the workplace then needs investigation for the presence of probable carcinogenic factors.

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