Problem-Solving Skills in Nursing

  • The one or two problem-solving or creativity areas in which I am most strong are:

In my opinion, one of my strongest areas in terms of creativity and unusual ways of solving problems is the skill of finding individual approaches to people. In a broader perspective, communication skills concern not only knowing how to approach people but also being able to emphasize. Such skill is helpful for me in various situations in life, but I can assume that it will also be useful in professional life. It is important to point out the fact that empathy relies strongly on seeing a particular situation from a different perspective. However, despite the fact that people can sympathize, there are different thresholds for empathy. It is also common that, at some point in their lives, people feel that they lack the means to express how they care. It would involve understanding body language and other signals of interpersonal interactions. In my opinion, my strong point is in being able to find approaches to show care for other people in a particular situation.

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  • The one or two problem-solving or creativity areas in which I need more improvement are:

One of the problems that I sometimes encounter in relation to problem-solving is structuring information and defining its cohesiveness. Although it is not challenging for me to use the majority of required organizational skills in my daily practice, in an unknown critical situation, I can experience some difficulties with the structural side of the matter. In other words, I occasionally have problems if I have to deal with unknown issues that are not structured in a cohesive manner.

  • If I did only one thing to improve in this area, it would be:

Given the fact that the majority of problems I encounter with structuring information and finding a cohesive understanding, concerns unknown situations, I would need more training and experience. However, it is also important to point out that I see the key to user experience with a use for my personal and professional development is self-reflection. It is easier to operate and structure information and to see a bigger picture when an environment is more familiar. Therefore, the main thing I would like to do to improve my abilities in understanding a situation in a structured and comprehensive way is self-reflection on all the experiences. It would help me to analyze my own behavior as well and see it in the context of a particular environment because there always will be unknown situations, but with the help of constant self-reflection, one can see common patterns in the different contexts that can be used for solving problems.

  • Making this change would probably result in:

According to my expectation, making such a change in the manner, in which I perceive unknown situations and in the ways, in which I can structuralize them would help me to be more productive and efficient. In many ways, people with a variety of different experiences are more adaptive to unusual situations. However, it is also important to point out the fact that experiences and training should be analyzed to have real value. In terms of professional development, I assume that I would have to face many unexpected situations, but the ability to react to them in a comprehensive manner and to be able to see the context of each of those situations relates to self-reflection and self-analysis. Such change would result in a faster understanding of a certain situation with all its implications.

  • If I did not change or improve in this area, it would probably affect my personal and professional life in the following ways:

Firstly, in my professional life, it would be more challenging, for me, to respond quickly and firmly to unknown circumstances. Secondly, both in personal and professional life, it would be harder for me to see problems that I encounter in a cohesive and clear perspective.

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