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Professional Burnout Reasons in Nursing


The research on nurse practitioners’ burnout triggers and coping strategies is proposed for submission to the Journal for Nurse Practitioners. The paper provides reasoning for selecting the journal and discusses research steps associated with the chosen topic of interest. It outlines a general abstract structure and discusses the potential influence of the research study on the nursing career.

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The research study will be submitted to the Journal for Nurse Practitioners. This journal is selected because it is a peer-reviewed source of scholarly information that contributes to a lot of nursing-related areas. It is meant to provide nursing professionals, educators, and learners with high-quality clinical articles that reveal information from various studies, including original research on controversial issues and topics.

This journal is published 10 times per year under the supervision of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. Moreover, it is connected with the Australian College of Nurse Practitioners. Both original research and a brief report of findings can be published in this journal. They can focus on particular cases or clinical, policy, and educational features. According to the submission requirements, an abstract should present the summary of the study in less than 100 words, but no demands regarding its structure are mentioned (“Guide for authors,” 2017). Thus, a generally recommended format will be described further.

Research Steps

Title of Project

Nurse Practitioners’ Burnout: An Identification of the Main Triggers and an Exploration of Coping Strategies.

Problem Statement

The lack of nursing staff, overwork associated with it, high standards, and a patient’s death make nurses perform their duties for long hours and affect their ability to balance work and life negatively, which eventually leads to burnout. As a result, they experience adverse physical and emotional symptoms that worsen their well-being and the quality of care provided to clients.

Purpose of the Project

The purpose of this project is to explain the issue of burnout in detail, identifying the main triggers that cause it, describing both physical and emotional symptoms experienced by nurse practitioners, and evaluating the effectiveness of the most frequently used coping strategies.

Research Questions

What makes nurse practitioners experience burnout?

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How do they cope with it in a given healthcare establishment?

To what extent are these coping strategies effective?


It is presupposed that in the majority of cases nurse practitioners started experiencing burnout because of working overload (in comparison to perfectionism) while emotional debriefing and regular brakes (in comparison to physical exercises) provide them with an opportunity to overcome this issue.


The research study will be qualitative, as it will be based on the perceptions of nurse practitioners. Thus, all the needed information will be gathered with the help of interviews. In this way, it will be possible to find out why professionals believe they faced burnout and how they managed to cope with it.

Steps of Research Implementation

The sample will consist of randomly selected nursing practitioners. Those who volunteer to participate will be included. A general list of questions will be created for the interviews, but they’re still will be a possibility to ask for clarifications. All interviews will be maintained individually. Received information will be systematized.


The hypothesis was confirmed, as the sample revealed that in the majority of cases they experience burnout because of working overload. In addition to that, they tend to prefer emotional debriefing and regular brakes as the most convenient coping practices even if they found out that physical exercises were more effective.


The sample experiences burnout because of working overload that cannot be controlled by them. They tend to calm down using emotional debriefing and regular brakes, which removes symptoms slowly but effectively.

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Impact on the Nursing Career

Nurse practitioners need to improve their knowledge of burnout syndrome for them to avoid its triggers and practice the most effective coping strategies even before the issue occurs. This intervention is required because the issue is faced by about 40% of all nursing professionals. Using new information, they can improve personal well-being and the quality of care provided to patients.


Guide for authors. (2017).

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