Reasons of Burnout in Nursing


The research on nurses’ burnout in acute care unit settings is suggested for submission to the International Journal of Nursing Studies. The study is explained in short by stating the problem of research, its purpose, defining the research questions and hypothesis, describing the methodology and the implementation steps, and mentioning the results and conclusion. These elements suggest an insight into the study’s potential impact on a nursing career.

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For research submission, the International Journal of Nursing Studies (IJNS) was chosen. This peer-reviewed journal publishes a range of scholarly works such as discussion papers, research-based interviews, commentaries, and research findings (“Guide for authors,” 2017). The journal covers the topics interesting for nursing researchers and practitioners.

It is indexed in the most popular search databases, which indicates its large audience. The IJNS publishes four types of papers: research papers, editorials, letters to the editor, and reviews and discussion papers (“Guide for authors,” 2017). The IJNS does not have any strict formatting conditions, requiring the authors to include the most essential information such as abstract and keywords, introduction, and discussion of methods and results. It seems eligible to add to these requirements the problem statement and purpose, research question and hypothesis, steps of research implementation, and a conclusion.

Research Steps

Title of Project

The Reasons for Nurses’ Burnout in Acute Care Unit Settings.

Problem Statement

Nursing is not only one of the most rewarding jobs but also the one incorporating a lot of duties and pressure. More and more nurses feel overworked. This issue especially concerns those who work in acute care units (ACUs). As more nurses feel exhausted, fewer students want to pursue a career in this field.

Purpose of the Project

The purpose of the research is to identify the causes of nurses’ burnout so that the ways of coping with the problem could be found.

Research Questions

Why do nurses in ACUs feel overloaded?

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What working conditions do they find most challenging and difficult?


The assumption for the study is that long working hours, night shifts, and an insufficient number of nurses in ACUs are the major causes of nurses’ burnout.


The study will incorporate interviewing as a research method. Since the purpose is to identify the reasons for burnout, asking about people’s opinions is the most suitable method.

Steps of Research Implementation

Fifty nurses from five ACUs will be chosen randomly and suggested to take an interview. A set of questions will be designed beforehand. Still, additional inquiries may arise in the course of the interview, which is a usual practice for such research. The data collected from the nurses will be processed and analyzed. The most typical answers will be systematized.


The hypothesis was confirmed. The majority of participants reported an insufficient number of nurse workers, night shifts, and long working hours as the main reasons for burnout. Nurses mentioned that changing the attitude to creating a schedule might make a considerable change in their work.


Nurses identify several reasons for burnout. To eliminate these issues, it is necessary to revise the working schedule and engage more personnel in ACUs.

Impact on the Nursing Career

Being satisfied with one’s working conditions is one of the most crucial aspects of choosing a job. If students know that working in ACU settings it too exhausting and stressful, they will not be willing to receive a degree in nursing and become nursing practitioners. Therefore, it is vital to eliminate the problems causing burnout among nurses.

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