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Professional Nursing: Personal Background

A professional nurse is described as one who has expansively studied the course of nursing hypothesis and practice. Additionally, for a person to be considered a professional nurse he or she must have clinical proficiency.

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Personal Background Related to Professional Nursing

The art of professional nursing is diverse. For many years, I have tried to decipher how I can afford a balance in my mindset and work diligently. I have an education background on gerontology. The knowledge that I gathered from the learning helped me focus on life, and I acquired quality information on how I could help old people age while they focus on physical, mental and social changes around them. During my young age, I did not want to age since I always related the process to death. However, with time my father taught me how I could keep a healthy lifestyle and view aging as a positive feature rather than a disadvantageous one. In the field of nursing, it takes a lot for a person to be considered professional. In my point of view, it does not necessarily mean that if a person has an educational degree in nursing then he or she is an automatic professional. I tend to think that professional nursing involves the both in made skills and knowledge. My father constantly taught me that I should eat nutritious foods and try to keep physical fitness. He kept me bodily in shape through his jogging lessons. Currently, I am all grown up and still physically fit. I tend to think that my dad is somehow a professional nurse in his own right. He is currently seventy years and still runs to the mountains to keep in shape. I am presently working as a volunteer at Kingsley Manor that is a retirement community in Los Angeles. Since I live in the institution, I conduct classes, including Tai Chi and art, assisting events for residents, and maintain patient charts in the assisted living facility.

My formal study on gerontology taught me how to advise people about aging. This of course is through a great focus on physical, mental and social changes. I additionally have a vision and mission in which I would like to become a nurse practitioner in the field of medicine. I would like to carry out holistic care for patients requiring time and quality interactions. I believe that joining the University of Massachusetts is the best choice that I can take to put, together my goals. I also want to develop the ability of helping older people focus on issues that affect their daily lives. During my previous studies, I learnt how aging is affected by attitude and physical wellness and its impact on health. The training at the university will help me additionally to augment my understanding of ageing and health. In particular, I think the training will help me to develop an integrated health program that meets the needs and desires of an aging population through my Eastern and Western education. In addition, I want in to augment my understanding of the aging process through my training. Learn more about health-related diseases and their treatments that I can utilize as I continue to develop my skills and prepare to practice nursing. I do believe that not everyone that goes to a nursing school is a nurse, but the profession needs dedication. When I graduate from the university, I believe patients will have an additional self-assurance in me, and they would respect and look up to me because of the institution that I chose to further my studies. I would like to inspire lives of many people the way my father influenced my life.

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