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Health and Medicine: Facility Planning

Facility Name

The name of the proposed facility would be,” THE SOUTH STATE HOSPITAL” and the logo that will identify the hospital is;-

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The choice of the name has been derived from the region in which the hospital shall be located; ‘SOUTHERN STATE OF CAROLINA’. The phrase depicts the quality and continuity of services that are of value to the state. The Hospital would provide outpatient services for families.

Facility Location and Address

This healthcare facility will be located in a rural area of South Carolina State. It would be along the main highway that connects South Carolina and other States. The address and contacts of the hospital will be;

The South State Hospital

P.O BOX 563-30400,

South Carolina

Phone: +1888-555-666

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Reasons for starting the Healthcare Facility

Community Need

South Carolina is a well organized rural state with a large number of populations of the elderly and the young. The population is approximated to be over 674, 000 people. The facility is expected to accommodate the whole population. In South Carolina, there is a trend of increasing number of elderly people who need care services. These people are subjected to illness that should be treated in time. This would be solved once the hospital is in operation.

The hospital that is currently available is located far away in the town center. There are always delays that might result to death of a patient if not timely attended to because of delays in the highway traffic jam. The highway, connecting the locals to the hospital experiences numerous accidents. Therefore, the populous risk loosing their lives on their way to the hospital. Thirdly, there is an increase in patients’ dissatisfaction; the current healthcare in town is overwhelmed with patients number (Wolper, 2004).

The city hospital Doctors lament because of the large number of patients. It is indeed essential to live a healthy and pain free life. With healthy people, operations of daily endeavors are set to be positive; there would be increased satisfaction in the South Carolina state on matters of medication. The hospital will create employment to the people of South Carolina. The Employment created will improve the living standards of the locals.

A large number of professionals; nurses, doctors, and compliant operations specialists come from the rural of South Carolina. This is a fact discovered on a research carried out in different hospitals of South Carolina. With these kinds of employees, there would be quality of services offered to the ambulatory patients. Some of the operations of the healthcare facility will be of immense advantage as there would be some of the operations necessary. In order to bring immeasurable services, this facility should be able to provide the following.

  • 24 hours operation
  • Has affordable treatment prices
  • High quality services and modern technology in the clinic
  • Enough room for expansion as the area is big
  • Good location, the highway is a good location as everyone would have access to the hospital
  • Serves customers of all classes
  • Good transport facilities are available
  • qualified personnel would be employed
  • Proper security would be in existence.

However, at the start there would be a high advertisement so that the existence of the hospital can be known to a large number of people.

Advertisement would be done through printed leaflets that would be distributed to people. Word of mouth would be used for advertisement, the radio, and television.

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Employee Recruitment

The modes of recruitment of employees will include:

  • Advertising the posts through local media
  • Use private and public agencies
  • The manager will carry out recruitment process by drawing job analysis regarding the various vacant positions
  • An interview will be given to successful candidates

The potential and qualified employees will be obtained from medical training institutes, current healthcare clinics, and other urgencies.

Resources Needed

In Lachman (2009), to start the facility, South State Hospital would require the following resources as outlined on the following table:

Note: (the costs are just example, not real)

Equipment 200,000,000
Licenses and permits 643,000
Installation 234,000
Advertisement 834,000
Promotion 200,000
Rent deposit / Building of Clinic 100,000,000
Stock of raw materials 500,700
Total 2,711,700,000

Licenses, Permits and Bye-Laws

Licenses; The facility will operate under the laws and regulations as provided by the Acts of South Carolina Assembly. License will be required as issued under licensing act cap 497 under the ministry of health and industry. It will be renewed annually.

Permits; Healthcare permit will be required and obtained from the local authorities as issued under the local government act cap 265.It will be renewed annually.

Bye-laws; All the bye-laws that the law require will be put in place. Labor laws as described by the federation of South Carolina Employees and Trade union. Taxation acts as provided by Revenue Authority will be taken into consideration. National social security fund laws as provided by under the ministry of labor will be observed by the facility.


In order to plan for remuneration of the employees, the table below states the salaries to be offered. A Table of monthly Remuneration to Employees

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Post No of employees Monthly pay ($) Total ($)
Manager 1 56,000 56,000
Supervisor 1 69,000 69,000
Cateress 2 7,000 each 14,000
Doctors 4 70,000 each 28,000
Cooks 10 5,000 each 60,000
Waiters 12 5,000 each 60,000
Cashiers 3 5,000 each 15,000
Messenger 4 4,000 each 16,000
Security guard 12 4,000 each 48,000
cleaner 20 4,000 each 80,000
Total 69 446,000

The incentives that will be given to employees will include:

  • Free counseling and healthcare treatment.
  • Free meals and drinks
  • House allowances
  • Employees will be attracted by offering better working conditions.

Personnel, Number and Duties

According to Kaluzny& Shortell (2000), there are ways that a facility should be designed. And as a new facility, South State hospital shall design duties of employees in the following manner.

The Facility will require 69 employees as tabulated in the table below

A Table of personnel ,Number and Duties of employees required by South State Hospital

Post Number of personnel Duties
Manager 1
  • Formulation of policies
  • Allocation of resources
  • Setting of goals and objectives
Cateress 2
  • Ensure that there is quality of good cooked food.
Supervisor 1
  • Ensure proper maintenance of facilities
  • Ensure good human relations within the business
  • Communicating problems and views in the business
  • Provision of job training to workers
Cooks 10
  • Preparation of meals and drinks
  • Cleaning the utensils
Doctors 4
  • Treatment of outpatient as necessary.
Cashiers 3
  • Payment handling and financial statement updates.
Waiters 12
  • Serving patients as necessary.
Messenger 4
  • Responsible for handling all the correspondences
Security guard 12
  • In charge of all the security in the facility
cleaner 20
  • Ensures cleanliness within the facility


Kaluzny, D & Shortell, M. (2000). Health care management: organization, design, and behavior. New York: Delmar Publishers.

Lachman, D. (2009). Ethical challenges in health care: developing your moral compass. London: Springer Publishing Company.

Wolper, F. (2004). Health care administration: planning, implementing, and managing organized delivery systems. New York: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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