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Prostitution in the United States

Prostitution is a situation whereby a woman decides to practice underproductive sex to be paid in return (Prostitution is not a choice, n.d., para.1). People usually decide to become sexual objects to anyone who can pay them in return. Women are the highest placed victims of prostitution in the world. Some countries legalize prostitution while other countries do not support prostitution. For example, in the United States of America; there is limited legality of prostitution. The most affected are the vulnerable women and young girls. Statistically, it has been proven that there are approximately 100,000 arrests for prostitution annually (Prostitution, n.d., p. 1). Some businesspersons invest in prostitution. Such people practice girl child trafficking and in the end, make them prostitutes.

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According to Shyann Child, in his article “Empirically examining prostitution through a feminist perspective,” he reviews the ideology of prostitution by using a feminist perspective. (Article by Shyann Child Retrieved December 5, 2012, at 1 pm from digital commons). Shyann Child explores the ideology of prostitution, by sampling several women who were prostitutes and non-prostitutes. The child identifies the reason why these women chose prostitution (Child, 2009, p. 3). The child uses independent and dependent variables to explain the situation faced by prostitutes. He also shows the different forms of prostitution and their effects on victimized women. Child sampled a group of women from Northeastern U.S.A. and analyzed their life experiences. In addition, he used these data to explain several theories related to prostitution. His main aim was to discover if these women had a role to play in choosing prostitution as part of their life.

Considering the analysis done by Child, he used an inductive approach while doing his research. In order, to formulate his hypothesis, he identified different theories. For example, Child uses criminological theories to explain the fact that women are responsible for the choices they make in life (Child, 2009, p. 6). To identify the hypothesis, the researcher, uses real-life experience to solve issues. It follows the procedure of development theory, generation of hypothesis and finally undertaking observation and collecting data to confirm the assumptions made (DeVault, n.d., para 4).

The hypothesis of this research addresses issues of prostitution based on feminists’ perspective. The researcher assumes that either women’s prostitution is a choice made by the victim or it is a forced deal. The reason determining the nature of prostitution is based on a person’s life experience. For example, someone may enter into prostitution due to prolonged poverty and wants a change. Therefore, this can be described as willingly accepting prostitution to get money. On the other hand, there are situations where young girls are trafficked and confined by greedy business people (100 countries and their prostitution policies n.d., para 5).In the end, they are introduced to drugs and prostitution to make money for their bosses. The latter is described as forced prostitution. While undertaking the research, the researcher, collected information from the field and used other recourses like books to come up with the proper information that addresses the topic of research.

In conclusion, the results implied that women who practiced prostitution were influenced by certain factors. For example, a child who was sexually abused by a close relative or a family member was prone to practicing prostitution in the near future. In addition, economic factors like unemployment among the youth are responsible for perpetuating prostitution in society. Therefore, society has a huge role to play in determining the number of prostitution in existence. Parents are encouraged to speak openly about the negative effects of prostitution for the girls to know how much they endanger their lives. The state should make it a point to help the youth by creating more job opportunities to improve on their standards of living.


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