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Legalization of Marijuana and Prostitution

Marijuana consumption and prostitution should have legal terms as any other business. Despite that, in some countries, the consumption of marijuana, as well as prostitution, has been labeled as immoral. More specifically, prostitution is one of the acts that a significant percentage of society regards as indecent. Marijuana consumption and prostitution started in ancient times; they were not as recognized as in the present times. As such, many economies have debated legalizing them despite the religious and social sectors’ challenges. Although the consumption of marijuana and prostitution have been branded evil, they are a source of earnings for many families globally.

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The selling of marijuana is a major business in many economies in the world. The business has been conducted in many countries as a backstreet activity because of legal requirements. Marijuana is always branded as illegal due to its side effects on human health. The business is not legalized, and no control measures are applied. The regulations and control measures will create an avenue for the selling of marijuana for medical purposes; hence, the sellers will earn more income. The cost of marijuana also does not fluctuate unlike other goods on the US market (Kilmer & Kleiman, 2016). Therefore, marijuana has been operated on major streets of big cities in the US and globally.

Prostitution has supported many unemployed families. The prostitutes are left with no option as they have no sources of income. Thus, many families have benefited through prostitution as a source of living (Kilmer & Kleiman, 2016). The government should factor in where the families will go and how they will still maintain a source of living. Moreover, prostitution also has supported many women who have been affected by unemployment. As such, the federal governments should devise ways of providing the families with supplemental income, for example, by creating more jobs that will prevent them from doing the business. Therefore, prostitution has created opportunities for many families through the income earned.

While a large percentage of the economy has supported marijuana and prostitution, the moral aspect must be considered in creating a decision. For instance, the selling of marijuana and prostitution have adversely affected many youths through addiction and other negative impacts on society. As such, the adverse influence on many teenagers’ lives should be considered in the decision that will be made on the aspects of legalizing or illegalizing the two businesses (Kilmer & Kleiman, 2016). Moreover, through the consumption of marijuana, many families have entered crime and other illegal actions. The most essential part is having control over the industry of selling marijuana and supporting the families involved in prostitution. As a result, the government should develop ways of controlling marijuana and prostitution businesses to help the families who are associated with both.

Morality should be the factor considered in the legalization of marijuana. More notably, marijuana selling has supported many families through the revenue earned. Additionally, most prostitutes are forced with financial issues to get into the businesses. For example, many families have been raised through prostitution. As such, better solutions should be established to increase their income and control the negative impacts of the business. Therefore, every state should develop ways of controlling the influence of selling marijuana and prostitution before establishing a conclusion on either legalizing or illegalizing their operations.


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