71 Prostitution Essay Topics

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๐Ÿ† Best Essay Topics on Prostitution

  1. Legitimization of Prostitution
    There are many reasons why people enter prostitution and some of them are age, early home leaving, childhood sexual abuse, drug abuse and poverty.
  2. Theodore Roosevelt Reform Movements on Prostitution
    Theodore Roosevelt’s reform movements on prostitution have been inspired from the time he was still an undergraduate student at Hard University.
  3. Legalizing Prostitution: Arguments For and Against
    Prostitution develops into a full-time business venture although there is no law legalizing it. People debate if prostitution should be legalized throughout the world.
  4. Decriminalization of Prostitution in Canada
    The paper discusses the negative effects of prostitution and provides an insight into the advantages of decriminalizing prostitution in Canada.
  5. Prostitution Being Deviant: History and Theory
    In this paper, the history of prostitution and the theory that supports the fact this sexual activity is considered deviant will be included.
  6. Prostitution from the Moral System Perspective
    Prostitution degrades the integrity of women in society, promotes gender-based violence, and increases the risk for sexually transmitted infections.
  7. Senate Bill 5: Change Penalties for Promoting Prostitution
    This paper aims at analyzing the Senate Bill 5 that will be enacted in Ohio and discuss its objectives, implications, and main concepts.
  8. Tourism and Children Prostitution in Bahamas and Asia
    The street most affected by children prostitution in Colombia was Bogotรก which recorded as high as 10,000 children being involved as commercial sex workers.
  9. The Moral Value of Prostitution
    Criminalization prostitution can cause more havoc to the society, both emotional and physical as compared to almost no damage as reflected in a well organized prostitution setup.
  10. Various Dimensions of Child Prostitution in Thailand
    An in-depth analysis of various dimensions of child prostitution in โ€˜ Baan Nuaโ€™ a slum community of Thailand. Some of the areas explored include economical and social problems
  11. Prostitution Legalization in Canada
    Although legalization reduces the attractiveness of prostitution, in reality it motivates men to overindulge in the procurement of sex in a socially acceptable setting.
  12. Child Prostitution in Modern Society
    Child prostitution is a way of engaging children, (normally individuals below the age of 18 years), in sex activities for financial benefit or remuneration.
  13. Radical Feminism Explains Prostitution
    Radical feminists reject the idea of mental differences but see prostitution as social and economic oppression only.
  14. Is Prostitution a Victimless Crime or Not?
    Because victimless crimes involve two contentious issues of morality and liberty, the legalization of this category of crime is always disputed on many grounds.
  15. Legalization of Marijuana and Prostitution
    Every state should develop ways of controlling the influence of selling marijuana and prostitution before establishing a conclusion on legalizing it.
  16. Prostitution in the United States
    The paper discusses the causes of prostitution in the United States. Prostitution is a situation whereby a woman decides to practice sex with the aim of being paid in return.
  17. Educational Plan for Prostitution as Health-Related Issue
    Prostitution is a health issue since exposure to commercial sex often leads to sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS. This paper discusses this problem in Miami.
  18. The Damage in Permitting Prostitution
    There are many risks for women who practice prostitution which include STD and AIDS, unplanned pregnancy, physical violence, rape, and mental trauma, among others.
  19. Prostitution as a Social Behavior
    In terms of social disorganization theory, many women have no possibilities to escape prostitution because of low-class location and lack of education.
  20. Prostitution: The Non-Deviant Behavior
    Prostitution should be considered a non-deviant behavior due to the many reasons connected with cultural and moral aspects.
  21. Deviant Behavior and Prostitution
    This provides an annotated bibliography of the six articles which aim to discuss the topics of deviant behavior and prostitution.

๐Ÿ‘ Good Prostitution Research Topics & Essay Examples

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  1. The Nature and Characteristics of Prostitution in Ancient Rome and Pompeii
  2. Badges and Brothels: Police Officers’ Attitudes Toward Prostitution
  3. Causes, Effects, and History of Prostitution
  4. Female Prostitution and Women’s Rights in the Late 19th and Early 20th Century
  5. Economic Challenges and Drug Abuse as the Main Causes for Women’s Remaining in Prostitution
  6. Law Enforcement and the Perception of Prostitution in the United States
  7. Human Trafficking vs. Prostitution: Is There a Difference?
  8. Gender Perceptions and Prostitution During the Victorian Age
  9. Prostitution and Its Long History as a Profession
  10. Decriminalizing Indoor Prostitution: Implications for Sexual Violence and Public Health
  11. Analysis and Cross-Cultural History of Prostitution
  12. Sex and Prostitution Among Troops During the American Civil War
  13. Legal Prostitution: Turkey and Thailand
  14. Christianity and Prostitution in the Middle Ages
  15. Pain and Prostitution: The Evolution of Female Chastity in Ancient and Late Imperial China
  16. Explaining Teen Prostitution Using Sociological Theories of Deviance
  17. Prostitution and the Social Welfare Program for Children Affected by the Illegal Profession
  18. Legalizing Prostitution and the Decriminalizing Illicit Drugs to Benefit All Canadians
  19. It’s Time for Society to Accept Prostitution
  20. The Ashley Alexandra Dupre Story: A Look at Female Prostitution in the Twenty-First Century
  21. Prostitution: The Oldest Profession Known to Humanity
  22. Early Sexual Experience and Prostitution
  23. Local Community Attitudes Towards the Impact of Tourism on Prostitution
  24. Factors Determining Entry Into the Prostitution Lifestyle
  25. Child Pornography and Prostitution: A Question of Economics

๐ŸŽ“ Most Interesting Prostitution Research Titles

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  1. Prostitution: How Do the Current Law and Society Treat Women Who Are Prostitutes?
  2. Analyzing Social Behavior: Prostitution
  3. Regaining Independence and Power Through Prostitution
  4. Social Classes, Prostitution, and Jack the Ripper in 19th-Century England
  5. Sociological Theories and the Deviance of Prostitution
  6. Historical and Cross-Cultural Controversy About the Issue of Prostitution
  7. The Benefits of the Legalization of Prostitution
  8. Expanding Global Awareness to Regulate Prostitution
  9. Moving Prostitution Through the United States
  10. Illegal Drug Use, Illegal Prostitution, and Money Laundering
  11. Prostitution: Sexual Intercourse and Strong Religion Conviction
  12. Legalizing Prostitution and Other Sexually Oriented Business
  13. Causes and Issues Faced by Prostitution
  14. Prostitution and Ethical Values Related to It
  15. Decriminalizing Prostitution and Legalizing Brothels in the United States
  16. Factors for the Increase of Prostitution
  17. Child Prostitution and Pornography in Southeast Asia
  18. Organized Crime: Profits From Pornography and Prostitution
  19. Legal Prostitution and Its Effect on Society
  20. Patriarchy and Prostitution: Sex Trafficking in South Korea
  21. Human Sexuality and Abstract Prostitution
  22. Military Prostitution During Japan’s Imperial Rule
  23. Prostitution and Its Effect on Public Health
  24. Introspect Into the Lives of Aboriginal Women: Prostitution in Western Canada
  25. Feminist Theory and Women’s Prostitution
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