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Protocol for Focus Group


Focus group for the study is required for proper analysis and assessment of the input data, and for further offering of the possible research outcomes. It is generally stated that focus groups for public health studies should not involve patients of public health institutions for more objective analysis.

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Specific Aims and Hypotheses

The specific aim of the research is to plan a public health system in Mexico in order to increase the effectiveness of the health care strategy in general. The focus group will be focused on studying the specific needs of the system in order to offer suggestions, implementations, and improvements for the developed plan. Additionally, this group will be involved into the pilot test of the project, and assessment of the development results.

Background and Significance

The key significance of the focus group creation and study origination is the opportunity to apply innovative administering strategies for the public health management system. In the light of this statement, the significance of proper team selection is explained with the fact that background studies of the public health problem rarely focus on the values of proper team management.

Theoretical / Conceptual Framework

The basic concept of focus group creation for public heath studies is explained by Darlington and Scott (2002). It is stated that these groups should represent different social groups and geographic regions that will be involved into the study. Additionally, their decision values should be diversified in accordance with the decision sphere: if the decision touches upon the interests of students, representatives of this social class will have lesser value of their votes and decisions. (Larossa, 2005)

Design (including justification for choosing your design)

Design of the research will be community study. This may be justified by the fact that public health system is geography dependent, thus, the implementation decisions should be based on the study of the current situation within the PH community. (Hansen, 2006)

Methods of Data Collection

Data collection will be performed by studying the documentation of health care systems that are active within thee rural Mexico community. This will help to study the legislative, administrative, and social regulations of the community, and create the set of input data for the focus group.

Data collection instrument will be based on the list of problems related to the study concept, and the basis of the public health system will be analyzed fro the perspective of these problems. Interviews, surveys, and analysis of the documents are additional tools.

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Results of such an approach will be defined by the values of the focus group. However, if the groups will not be involved fully into the research, thee results will represent the current and potential situation of the public health sphere. This means that results of the study will be formed in the set of problems and decisions that will be aimed at improving the entire system


Discussion will be performed with the participation of the focus group. However, this group should be aware of the results. Otherwise its participation will not be useful. The discussion should be focused on the matters of data collection and results of the study


Focus group creation for the public health study is needed for the proper analysis of the input data, and analysis of research results. The group will be involved in the decision making process, and assessment of the originated decisions.

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