Barrack Obama’s Speech on the Oil Spill Crisis

After the oil spill, the US government looked at the situation from a different angle, which is inclusive of cleaning the Gulf, compensation of the affected, and also the dividends of the shareholders. The issue is considered in three dimensions; positioning BP to the point of coming to terms with compensating those affected like the fishermen, small business owners, and oil workers. The United States president Barrack Obama after four trips to the Gulf’s coast analyzed the BP’s response as not fully satisfactory. This increased desperation among the politicians and the residents. Therefore the activity called for the release of a presidential command (Calmes 1).

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In the midst of all the disappointment among the leaders, they blamed Barrack Obama’s administration for lack of involvement in the leadership of the BP because they have not well overseen the company. The Republicans have had a varied effort to those of the BP in limiting the oil gusher from the Gulf of Mexico. They have also majored in analyzing the failures of BP and also comparing BP with other rigs that operate at the Gulf. In their view, all the companies drilling oil in the Gulf ought to give very good plans on how they are going to implement.

In his speech, Obama never promised to offer real help to the people of the Gulf. He also never gave a specific plan of action, which people thought they were banality. President Barrack Obama, in his oval office address, looked at what was already done and what is in a plan to be done. Though this is claimed as a way of propelling his political agenda, it ought to be rebuked for taking an example of the war in Iraq to out-rule this motive.

It is unfortunate that the speech has been thought not to address the gusher spillage and those who are saying it won’t have an idea of how to deal with this disaster. There is absolutely now one with an idea of how to contain the spill. Putting in mind that the drills are in the sea or under the water, it is a complicated activity to think of. Though people are politically inclining the ideas that are offered by the government, they themselves have no idea of how to help the nation at large.

The oil spill has claimed a lot of aquatic life and also their residential areas. Replacing, in any case, may not be the solution but rescuing and also helping replenish the coastal plant cover. President Barrack urges the fishermen to patrol the shores and rescue the aquatic animals. Having found no other appropriate way of rescuing animal life in the Gulf of Mexico, the government can only work with the fishermen, the people who understand the Gulf better in terms of the aquatic life found. The disorientation of these fishermen means a big impact negatively on the economy of the nation and the people who draw their livelihood from the Gulf.

The idea from the president of first suspending the dividends is more practical for the company must first of all have to meet the expenses of handling the crisis before giving its shareholders the dividends. This is because we cannot first deal with those out of the disaster, adding them more comfort and money while those involved and part of the disaster are suffering (Crouere 1).

The oil spillage has been a sudden occurrence, no strategies were put in place in its regulation. This results in a trial and error way of fixing out the problem. Therefore this gives every individual an opportunity to give ideas that can be able to offer a solution. The fact that the president, with all the advice from experts in that area, may not be able to offer exactly what the citizens demand. This is because, considering the nature of the problem, it is huge and complicated. Having put effort and so far, no much achieved, makes the situation more difficult and may even move out of their hands. For example, imagine that after two months of cleanup, the spillage has increased 60 times calls for more qualified individuals to deal with the problem (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 1).

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The president’s speech raised several issues that are diverse. The restoration plan for pay to most people amounted to nothing; hence was thought of as a way to gain political mileage. The government view through the president of looking for alternative sources of energy is important considering the risks involved with drilling of oil form the gulf. But to the government perpetuators it was not adding any value and it was only an ideology for political gain and this was well backed up by the BP.

The president gave few options which were incorporative of the whole plan of dealing with the situation like he handled the health care department. This made America and the whole world at large understand that he was in the pain and taking charge of the situation (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 1).

In contrast, he talked about the high taxes on energy and the energy bill that regulates the oil trade and the drilling of oil. The president’s speech did not more specifically handle the problems of the people at Louisiana instead it cost them their jobs. The moratorium issued by the president is detrimental in that if the oil drillers are going to loose approximately one hundred and fifty thousands well paying jobs. The president of Charlotte claims they are going to be put under unemployment which is in deed a plot to finish Louisiana completely. Therefore it portrays no good will of recovery of the economy of these people and their land it can be termed as total destruction.

Implementation of this ban means loss of very resourceful people in the nation. This is because the shallow water or onshore oil drilling has a lot of environmental regulations that are oppressive. This may cause the population that rely on the oil industry move on to more friendly nations to serve and work there. The resident of Louisiana feel that president Obama’s response was not satisfactory and they disapprove it. They were not also satisfied with foreign ship been allowed to clean they gulf hence felt there was an act that was been neglected (Crouere 2).

President Obama also never provided answers to the bureaucracies that have hindered the leaders from dealing with the threat of oil spillage. Only the leaders who have taken action despite the threat like the construction of the sand barriers through the Louisiana National Guard.

The residents now lose their confidence on relying on the government for help but they feel they ought to do it their own way. They claim depending on Obama’s administration that they step to total failure. The clean up process having been ongoing for almost two months now, it is unfortunate that the barrels of oil being released have rapidly increased to almost 60 times when it started. The residents therefore feel instead of the government denying them access to Gulf they should allow them to deal with the menace (Crouere 2).

Critics have it that lack of quick decision making has threatened the ability of the government to deal with the oil spillage crisis. The reluctance of the President to take decisive action has delayed the answer to the oil spill crisis. To date there is no demarcation of a clear plot of how to deal with the emergency. This has worsened the situation at the marshes which are dying and the residents are growing more and more desperate (Crouere 2).

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