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Writing: Personal Hobby Analysis

Human beings have a tendency to pursue specific hobbies that match their expectations and achievements in life. Writing is one of such pastimes and it allows individuals to think critically and improve their analytical skills. Hall identifies it as the basis upon which a person’s intellect, academic success, and organizational performance could be judged (3). Those who succeed in this area will learn how to communicate with their friends and relatives effectively. Through this hobby, people can express themselves efficiently and improve their comprehension abilities. Those who take writing seriously will be able to use social media platforms more productively and consider new ways of making the society a better place (Hall 5). Consequently, they will become good thinkers and learn much faster, thereby remaining successful in their respective fields of study.

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The selected hobby will guide me to identify and develop various skills that take me closer to my professional aims, such as effective decision-making and problem-solving. While writing itself might not be a person’s primary career objective, it has the potential to guide individuals to lead better lives and relate with other people positively. Through such a practice, individuals can find meaning in setting deadlines and sticking to their original schedules (Hall 4). These attributes are capable of encouraging more people to collaborate and complete their tasks much faster (Darling-Hammond et al. 99). Individuals who pursue this hobby will be willing to put more effort into their current activities, identify new ways of completing additional tasks, and become more responsible. In conclusion, these attributes resonate with the key competencies that many people would want to develop, including time management, patience, and attention to details.

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