61 Information Management Essay Topics

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  1. Information Management System Practical Solutions
    An effective information management system involves planning, proper alignment, and efficient management. Its periodical review ensures it suites the technological changes.
  2. Information Systems and Their Management
    The existence of numerous information systems, including closed corporate ones, allows for transferring the required information to the end user within moments.
  3. Lenovo Group Ltd.’s Operations and Information Management
    The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of operations and information management and related concepts.
  4. The Current Information Management System Improvement
    The tools used for data analysis and the output is delivered by the staff members when adopting each of these devices can be considered the primary variables to be analyzed.
  5. Applying Information Management Solutions
    Improvement of healthcare quality and provision of patient safety are the primary concerns of healthcare providers.
  6. Marking Information System for Customer Management
    Marking Information System will ease the managers’ work with different groups of customers, allowing them to use an individual approach to clients.
  7. Information Sharing in Supply Chain Management
    This paper will describe two articles on information sharing in a supply chain, explain how they relate to Porter’s five competitive forces model.
  8. Information Management and Related Issues in Business
    Business organizations should embrace the use of technology. It is virtually impossible for any organization to operate without technology.
  9. Information Technology Project and Risk Management
    One technological risk is the shortage of indigenous information technology companies in the area of interest. This shortage leads to a deficiency of technically skilled staff.
  10. Global Information and Technical Management
    Information technology has the potential to coordinate a single customer service center in the company, which will take up the tasks that multiple customer service centers.
  11. E-Government and Information Age Management
    The gradual development of technological science in the contemporary world has remained the most anticipated issue in any developed and developing economy
  12. Azzaz Shop’s Operations and Information Management
    Azzaz is a mobile phone and accessories retailer based in England, owned by Lewis. The business started with a single shop, which Lewis has grown into a chain of eleven.
  13. Issues of Information Systems Management and Accounting
    This paper outlines the issues in accounting and ratio analysis, business terms and budget, information systems, computer-based IS threats, and e-business and e-commerce.
  14. Information Management Systems: E-Business of Transport for London
    This paper explores the benefits accrued by organizations or institutions by embracing the modern methods of managing information.
  15. Healthcare Information Project Management
    The development of a healthcare IT project is likely to require the collaboration of informatics professionals (IP) and the clinical staff to ensure its success.
  16. United Parcel Service: Information Technology Management Plan
    The operations of UPS are also designed to make the enterprise financially sound by improving employee buy-in through a broad employee ownership formula.
  17. Information Technology-Based Data Management in Retail
    The following paper discusses the specificities of data management and identifies the most apparent ethical considerations using retail as an example.
  18. Emeco Company’s Information Management
    Information management plays a critical role in modern business. The presented paper is devoted to the investigation of the furniture industry and the problem Emeco experiences.
  19. Real Estate Company’s Information Management
    The report addresses the concerns and constraints that real estate firms have to face during the implementation of their key objectives and management of customers’ needs.
  20. Infosys Firm’s Information Systems Management
    The primary function of this writer within the Infosys organisation is to provide technical support to both the networks and users of the information systems.

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  1. Information Management in Different Organizations
    The paper examines the information management systems in the Military of the United Arab Emirates and their advantages and disadvantages.
  2. Managing Information of Sakhr Software Co
    This paper would consider the concepts of managing information of Sakhr Software, which is a popular language software company.
  3. Information Technology Project Portfolio Management
    Project portfolio management (PPM) is beneficial to IT professionals in several ways apart from an overall increase in efficiency of monitoring and evaluation of ongoing projects.
  4. Disaster Planning and Health Information Management
    This paper discusses promising measures and practices to help the organization to avoid situations with loosing all health information in case of future disastrous events.
  5. Types of Health Information Management Systems
    Health information management systems are divided into three types: clinical systems, financial systems, and operational systems.
  6. Amazon’s Information Management System: Description and Analysis
    Since Amazon.com operates under the influence of the competitive e-commerce business environment and occupies a leading place, it must utilize up-to-date, useful technology.
  7. Operations and Information Management of CC Music
    The given report outlines the main features of CC Music, a company founded by Chris and Clive. It focuses on the provision of specific services to bands that include social media marketing.
  8. Health Information Technology Service Management
    One of the aspects of using new technology in medicine is HIT service management, which is a process of establishing a framework for IT-related systems and activities.
  9. The Healthcare Manager’s Role in Information Technology Management
    This article focuses on the role that a healthcare manager plays in ensuring the efficient execution of medical operations through the use of new technologies.
  10. Information Systems and Project Management Performance
    The authors assert that requirements instability and requirements diversity are related to stakeholder perception gaps and this can be tied in with project performance.
  11. Managing Information Systems Strategy and Security Risks in EasyShopping Ltd
    The goal of this paper is to examine the EasyShoping Ltd strategy to employ information systems through online shopping sites, to enhance its competitive advantages.
  12. Choice of Career: Health Information Management
    The present-day world dictates conditions to specialists, and its primary orientation is technological development as well as its practical implementation within healthcare facilities.
  13. FansivOps International: Information Security and Risk Management
    FansivOps needs to formulate a proper and effective information security and risk management policy regarding opening a new branch office in the southern region of Sudan, Africa.
  14. Business Process & Information Technology: Supply Chain Management
    IT based Grid technology powered supply chain relies on network boosted through World Wide Web, internet and intranet.
  15. Amazon.com: The State of Information Technology and Management
    At Amazon.com, the state of information system reveals that the company has gained a competitive advantage as the largest online retailer by using an e-commerce model of business.
  16. System Analysis of Health Information Management
    The purpose of this paper is to examine the current health information management system utilized by the ABC Clinic and to propose a new approach in this regard.
  17. Hospital Information Management Systems
    Hospital information management systems (HIMSs) are vital for improving healthcare quality, and they let healthcare professionals make data-driven decisions.

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  1. Accounting Information Management and Performance of Small Business Enterprises
  2. Information Management Model for Competencies and Learning Outcomes in an Educational Context
  3. Soft Information Management Effects on Lending Credit Terms in Japan
  4. How Technology Can Assist or Hinder Information Management Practices in Organizations
  5. The Impact, Challenge, and Solution of Information Management in Virtual Organizations
  6. Enhancing Information Management Through Data Mining Analytics
  7. Air Asia Operational Information Management in Strategy and Operations
  8. Organizational Performance Through Information Management
  9. Integrating Data and Information Management for Social Protection
  10. The Army’s Personnel and Recruiting Information Management Systems
  11. Information Management: Medical Record as a Legal Document
  12. The Cost and Information Management Effect in SMEs
  13. The Essence of Using Communications and Information Management Technologies
  14. Future Technologies and Applications Within Information Management
  15. The US American Health Information Management Association on the Adoption of the Electronic Databases
  16. Applying Meaningful Use Principles to Information Management Systems
  17. Information Management Strategies and Supply Chain Performance Under Demand Disruptions
  18. Cloud Computing: The Future of Business Information Management
  19. MNEs and Information Management: Structuring and Governing IT Resources in the Global Enterprise
  20. Harnessing the Infrastructure and Data Involved in Information Management
  21. Information Management for Public Participation in Co-design Processes
  22. Records and Information Management: Efficient and Systematic Control of Records
  23. Social Networks and Their Impact on Records and Information Management
  24. Understanding the US Generic Advertising System and Its Role in Information Management
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