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Recycle of Household Waste


Concerns about the environment grow larger every year, and every person can help the cause to lower the negative impact people have on the planet. Every US citizen produces, on average, 7 pounds of waste every day, and most of it is indeed recyclable (Bradford et al.). Nowadays, the benefits of such a simple action as sorting one’s garbage is clear to everybody, yet not everyone partakes in this crucial task.

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Why recycle?

For civilization to move forward, humanity needs to conserve natural resources, land, and the environment. Bradford et al. state that “About 42 percent of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions are created in the process of extracting resources, producing goods, disposing of waste, and transporting materials at every stage of that process.” This pollution constitutes a significant part of issues with climate change, as well as severely decreases public health and destroys the natural habitats of many species.

What to recycle?

A vast amount of trash people throw away is recyclable. The United States recycles only a third of all produced waste, while, in fact, more than 80% of it is recyclable (Bradford et al.). By separating food, paper, plastics, and other reusable materials, people can achieve zero waste production and allow factories to make useful products by recycling garbage at manageable costs.

Further actions

Currently, it is not feasible for most companies to recycle garbage inside the country. Massive volumes of waste are being shipped away to countries with lower standards of concern for the environment. However, it does not help the problem whatsoever, and people need to aim for a better future for everyone. Simply sorting one’s garbage helps with reducing the costs to recycle it, but it all starts with choosing environmentally safe products. By purchasing goods that will last, or food in easily recyclable packaging, everybody can help the cause.

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