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Interference With Environment and Environmental Changes

Activities that interferes with the natural environment

Environmental science is a subject which deals with our environment and nature. Water bodies land and atmosphere are the main sources of environment. So preservation of this environment is very essential for human lives and all and other living things. There are many threats that interfere with the environment. Fishing, mining, cultivation of land, industrialization and other activities are seen to interfere with environment. Despite all the measures taken to preserve our environment, the ecosystem will not survive the rising problem of global warming. We are encountering a food era where massive growth of populations has caused higher prices of food in the markets hence making life to be more difficult for survival which increases human activities that encourage environmental threats. Since 1970 there are many changes to our environment. We have been experiencing a climatic change in which temperatures have risen higher by o.6 degrees Fahrenheit and sea level has also risen higher with an average of seven inches per decade which has resulted from thermal expansion. In future, Oceans will expand more and the land will contract whereas low-lying cities will be displaced by water masses, hence displacing people and other living things. This climate change crisis is a threat to our future. So measures have to be taken to reduce these changes. Recently, people have been using incandescent light bulbs which have been emitting a lot of heat hence increasing global warming. To deal with this problem, compact fluorescent bulbs are being used. These bulbs emit less heat and use less electricity. Old internal combustion engines are being changed to far more efficient technologies whereas these hybrid car prototypes use very little gasoline hence reducing air

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Measures are taken to eradicate a problem of environmental changes

In Europe, the use of coal, oil and natural gas is being replaced with wind energy, solar energy and geothermal power. Nuclear power is also fading down and these energy revolution changes have been seen as being effective to our environment. The use of fertilizers increases salts in the soil which is also a threat to our environment. To eradicate these problems, people have to embark on the old farming methods in which they are encouraged to use natural manure. New farming methods are being used to solve soil erosion problems. Building of gabions, terraces, gullies, forestation and use of greenhouses have been seen to eradicate soil erosion problems. In transportation, electricity is being used to run modern car engines and electric trains. This reduces pollution of air and will also help to preserve crude oil reservoirs, which are being extracted at a very high rate. Cities are also being designed to accommodate people and not cars. This will help to reduce the consumption of fuel and cut net carbon emissions. Recycling other products such as scrap metals and plastics has improved the cleanliness of our environment. Recycling metals such as steel from scrap is using very little energy compared to the one extracted from original ore. This reduces amount of energy used which minimizes heat that is being produced. It also reduces mining activities when we recycle metals since the process interferes with the physical appearance of a place. Kiln technologies have been used to extract cement which has reduced energy consumption since extraction of cement requires a lot of energy. Creating carbon-neutral buildings is also seen to reduce the consumption of electricity. (Brown, 2009)


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