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Regal Marine Products Analysis

How the Concept of product life cycle applies to Regal Marine products

Product life cycle is an extremely essential strategy in the marine vessels production. The results of having a life cycle plan enables Regal Marine to organize and lay down measures that incorporate the well being of the company and the surrounding environment. The coming up with a life cycle of their products; helps Regal Marine evaluate and understand the performance of the new models and try to improve on the future innovations. Though one may view that the essence of the life product life cycle is only a marketing tool, it also works effectively practically in the assessment of the contributions made at every life stage towards the wholly environmental impact of the product, and subsequently leads to the coming up with ways to improve on the vessels in question (Birmingham et al, 2006). A life cycle assessment of boats brings practical knowledge of the vessels technology with respect to social, economic and environmental factors. Thus, the product life cycle concept of Regal marine is essentially applicable in ensuring that the organization remains at the helm of excellence in the Industry as well as it retains it quest for making greater returns in the Industry.

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Regal Marine strategy to remain competitive in the marine production Industry

Regal marine being in a highly competitive production Industry has the obligation to strategize effectively to remain as a top performer. It employs the strategy of market leader to stay competitive and effectively high achievements in the Marine Vessels Industry (Creating Competitive advantage, 2008.) Regal marine comes up with up to date designs of vessels that possess high technology and are exceedingly effective. Surveys conducted among their customers, dealers, consultants, and other relevant sectors help acquire views on the vessels aspired for. It also ensures that it improves tremendously on its innovations and quality of vessels, while still enhancing the growth. In order to make more profits and gain competitive advantage, it calls for the delivery of high quality products and satisfy customer better than the competitive partners. (Creating Competitive advantage, 2008 Regal Marine clearly analyses it production requirements and effectiveness in satisfying the customer by improving the quality and efficiency of the boats. Regal achieves the above by putting to task its engineers and designers to using the current and effective technology like, the Computer Aided Designs (CAD) program, in the innovation of the vessels. New models get produced quickly and hit the market before the competitors. The models are also remarkably accurate and stable, and performance analyzed prior to production (Boat Design Software Review, 2009). Regal collects information from the suppliers, dealers and customers and uses it to improve on the innovations while encompassing development of the company as a whole.

Benefits Regal Marine is achieving by use of CAD technology rather than traditional drafting techniques

Computer Aided Designs is the use of computer developed software, to come up with a 3D sketch of the boat of interest. A design that works and floats; get created and a final model observed as a wire frame or as a concrete object on the screen (Boat Design Software Review, 2011). It is the most efficient means of defining the hull form offering designers means of analyzing the stability and performance. This brings out a specialist boat design that has designs in mind; thus can be manipulated by adjusting the curves and the area of the boat. The computerized program then calculates and gives the results of the final design and informs of any compromise in the design (Boat Design Software Review, 2011). The new models innovated are then made in large numbers and later joined to make a large number of boats or marine vessels. On, the other hand the traditional method seeks corrections and modifications in the actual planning and modification of the vessel, and wholly relies on the designer which may be tedious. Therefore, it calls for more time and resources a factor that is detrimental to the company’s quest to cut on production cost and time. The 3D design software is a truly essential strategy in the sense that, the final drawing can be converted to a flat plan that can be handed to the boat builder. This design is also accurately convertible with the computerized cutting for boat building and structural parts created and pieces of a boat created via computer cutting (Kasten, 2011). Vessel building of any size by manual lofting and cutting has become almost entirely incredible with large ships; and it is not done as it is time consuming and extremely expensive. Thus, by use of CAD technology, Regal Marine is using little time and resources produce high quality vessels. The method proves remarkably effective for Regal Marine, in their quest to remain competitively at the helm of excellence unlike the use of the traditional methods of drafting.


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