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Registered Nurse Who Creates History

Years Selected Nurse Has Been an RN

The selected nurse has been working in the environment of nursing and healthcare for 6.5 years. Over the specified period of time, the nurse managed to acquire a significant amount of information about meeting the needs of a wide range of patients, including people from multicultural backgrounds. Thus, the nurse can promote patient education by communicating with patients regularly, providing crucial information about self-management and introducing the idea of self-care to the target population.

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Your Relationship With Selected Nurse

I got acquainted with the nurse when I was working part-time at a local hospital. I was assisting the nurse in taking patients’ vital signs and providing them with basic services such as feeding, bathing, etc. Because of the rigid guidelines set in the ICU environment, it was crucial for me to be supervised by a more experienced staff member, which was why the nurse was assigned to me as a mentor and a superior. After we had to deal with a couple of emergencies, we bonded in a very personal way and developed strong friendship. We still keep in contact and communicate occasionally, addressing a range of topics that include professional ones, sharing the latest innovative ideas in nursing, and striving to make a difference in the realm of nursing.

Why You Selected This Nurse

There are several reasons for selecting the person described above as the focus of the analysis, her ability to use empathy when communicating with patients and focus on multidisciplinary cooperation in a team of nurses. I believe that it is essential for a nurse to develop empathy and build an emotional connection with every patient. Thus, the use of a patient-centered approach and, therefore, the provision of high-quality services becomes possible.

However, the specified task requires significant emotional strain and may lead to the development of a workplace burnout in a nurse (Laschinger & Fida, 2014). The specified phenomenon, in turn, may entail mental health issues ranging from stress to depression (Creedy, Sidebotham, Gamble, Pallant, & Fenwick, 2017). However, the RN in question managed to maintain the attitude that allowed her to be both empathetic and at the same time motivated, enthusiastic, and resilient. The specified ability seemed unique and very useful to me.

In addition, the nurse’s ability to encourage multidisciplinary cooperation among her peers seems crucial to the overall improvement of patient outcomes. Reducing the possibility of misunderstanding, information mismanagement, and development of conflicts in a healthcare setting is crucial to the management of patients’ needs. Therefore, the ability of this person to manage confrontations in the context of a multidisciplinary environment and focus on the identification of the best solution as opposed to personal issues has always fascinated me. Because of her ability to manage the communication process, complicated issues such as the identification of the factors that might lead to the development of nosocomial infections, the increase in the length of the hospital stay, and other undesirable patient outcomes, were resolved successfully.

The specified skill is critical in the environment of an ICU or a similar setting that requires making correct decisions fast and taking the necessary measures immediately. Therefore, communication with the nurse in question shed a lot of light on the issue of nurse’s roles and responsibilities, workplace ethics, and professionalism in the workplace, shaping me as a nursing expert. By focusing on developing the specified skills, one will be able to excel in nursing and deliver the services of the finest quality to the target population.


Creedy, D. K., Sidebotham, M., Gamble, J., Pallant, J., & Fenwick, J. (2017). Prevalence of burnout, depression, anxiety and stress in Australian midwives: A cross-sectional survey. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, 17(1), 13.

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Laschinger, H. K. S., & Fida, R. (2014). New nurses burnout and workplace wellbeing: The influence of authentic leadership and psychological capital. Burnout Research, 1(1), 19-28.

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