Registered Nurse’s Interview on Career Decision


Introduction and Statement of Purpose

The main purpose of this interview is to communicate with a registered nurse and collect information about her experience, feelings, emotions, and factors that impacted her decision to become a nurse. It will help to understand the motivation of health workers and their experiences better.

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Nurse Introduction

Hello, I am RN, RN, BSN, M.A., NE-BC. At the moment, I have about 15 years of experience working in the healthcare sector. I should say that it is a rather complex work that might presuppose many challenges. However, it can also be interesting and rewarding.

Nurse States Verbal Permission for Interview and Submission

I agree that the information provided by me in the course of the interview will be used for educational purposes by the student. I understand the importance of experience sharing and its role for would-be nurses.

Questions and Answers

Primary Question 1

What are some of your favorite memories of nursing school?

One of the most pleasant memories are related to the understanding that all information provided to us during the course can be used to help people to recover. This realization was one of the best moments.

Follow-up a

What was the first moment in what you decide you would be a future nurse?

I had to look after my sick mother. She had influenza, and I helped her. I realized that all these activities were pleasant to me, and I wanted to be a nurse.

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Follow-up b

How did classmates or instructors impact your development as a nurse?

Instructors were the most important people who helped me to evolve as they provided information that was needed and contributed to its better understanding. Moreover, sometimes even classmates shared some information that was useful and created the basis for my evolution.

Primary Question 2

How have you improved the quality of nursing practice during your career?

I correctly realize that the work of a nurse needs continuous improvement as there are new challenges appearing every day. For this reason, I always look for new publications and read them to preserve a high level of competence.

Follow-up a

What else did you do to get ready for the expansion job of nurses in the healthcare system we’ve nowadays?

As I said, I have always tried to expand my knowledge and improve my skills. That is why I also evaluated new guidelines and approaches that should be utilized today by health workers to be ready to help clients.

Follow-up b

How improving your skills and knowledge altered your effect on patients’ outcomes?

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Positive. I am sure that now I deliver care more effectively, and clients’ outcomes are much better. It is preconditioned by a better understanding of new methods and how they should be employed.

Primary Question 3

Do you recall any situation you have experienced that gives you the sense of been lost in the nursing profession?

Yes, sure. There were some situations that confused me. In the majority of cases, they are related to patients’ deaths or severe complications that affected clients in various ways.

Follow-up a

What obstacles did you discover during those years in which you had been preparing to become a specialist nurse?

The lack of information about diseases and patients, along with financial issues, can be considered the main obstacles that prevent us from the delivery of care to clients and the improvement of their states. I think these are the major concerns.

Follow-up b

What action did you take to cope with those difficult moments or problems?

I always try to establish good relations with patients to acquire all information about them and use models that can be accepted by individuals. I am sure it helps to improve outcomes and help people to recover faster.

Primary Question 4

How have you contributed to the profession of nursing and nursing history?

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I am sure that every nurse working in the healthcare sector contributes to its development. We work with patients and help to generate a new experience that would be used by new nurses and make their work more effective. It is very important, I think.

Follow-up a

What specific changes have you contribute to in your workplace?

I think that more effective time management is one of the most important changes I made. It helped me to work more effectively and distribute tasks in a way that is convenient for me.

Follow-up b

Why has work in that area become your passion?

I think many health workers will give similar answers. Because we want to help people and enjoy their happy faces. It is the best reward for me and all my colleagues.

Primary Question 5

Who is your favorite nurse from nursing history?

Florence Nightingale, one of the founders of modern nursing. She created the basis that was used by other specialists to create a framework that would be beneficial for other people and their states.

Follow-up a

Nursing history have a lot of important pioneers, is there any specific one who influences your passion for this profession?

I am not sure. It is obvious that I am inspired by some famous people, but the occupation itself attracts me even more. I mean, it is perfect that you can help people to recover and feel better.

Follow-up b

How has that nurse influenced your own nursing practice?

I think all nurses or nurse-theorists impacted my practice. I use their approaches, their models, and their recommendations to work with clients. For this reason, all famous nurses can be considered my teachers.



Thank you very much for your participation in the interview. I am sure that this information will help to understand nurses and their motifs better, which is critical for your would-be colleagues.


We learned that nurses might have various motifs; however, they are united by the idea that they want to help people to recover. It becomes the main stimulus that helps to evolve and become better every day.

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