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Relation of Advertising and Ethics

Today, advertising is an essential part of our society’s business development. Advertisements of goods and services are constantly offered through personal devices and street billboards. To ensure stable growth, the company needs to perform the advertising programs of products it offers. People, responsible for the advertisements creation, focus on promoting the services and making attractive and appealing advertisements that should, according to the laws, respect society’s ethics and morale. However, advertising ethics is a highly debatable issue nowadays because people psychologically tend to express their own beliefs while working. Thus, personal and even workplace ethics can affect the advertisement implications on the company and society.

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The working process takes a significant part of human life. Considering the psychological peculiarities of human nature, for people, the desire to express themselves through the activity they perform is inevitable (Ashurov et al., 2021). Thus, while working, people can unconsciously iimplement their ideas and values, which may significantly change the quality and purpose-orientation of the work. The personal characteristics and moral values of employees affect the final product they produce. Concerning the advertising sphere, it is essential to mention that the ethical presuppositions of people may also influence this type of working activity. Thus, while advertising some products, the worker can implement personal beliefs and values that may confront the company’s initial ideas.

Personal ethics also significantly influence the people for who a worker creates the advertisement because the community often does not pay attention to the implicit connotation of the advertisement. As a result, people can be unconsciously driven by the ethical ideals of the person creating the advertisement. To provide customer-oriented advertising, the organization should consider the moral set-ups and implications to establish a decent corporate culture contributing to the sales increase. Clearly described, workplace ethics can contribute to forming the customer-oriented production pattern (Ashurov et al., 2021). Thus, corporative ethics without obvious value goals or with vague moral presupposition leads to advertising fragmentation and a lack of business integrity, which is essential in improving the customer’s interest.

Psychologically, the pictures people see and catching phrases they hear are the most crucial factors which affect their world-perception. Visual images are the most potent appealing instrument to manage the customers’ demand and force them to the idea that they want to buy a particular product (Ashurov et al., 2021). Thus, as far as advertising is that influential on the people, the correlation with the workers’ ethics or the workplace ethics directly contributes to the community, business, and society in general. The example of the impact of individual ethics on society and business success can be identified in the gender presuppositions.

Considering my extensive experience, the problem of gender is one of the most relevant to the advertising sphere in the modern world. Thus, my own ethical beliefs often counter the gender-oriented advertisement production. I consider it immoral and discriminative for the advertising to force the image of how the woman and men should look to increase sales. While working with the advertisement design, I should often suppress my own beliefs to complete the customers’ orders. From my point of view, the final product of my work with such difficulties has lower quality. Moreover, I have noticed that sometimes I changed the structure of advertising unconsciously to make it unattractive. The community seeing such advertising had a negative attitude towards the company and its product. I believe that such a result positively impacts society’s development because it forms a negative attitude towards gender discrimination. Thus, my own experience shows that personal beliefs affect people’s perceptions. My negative attitude was raised from the unethical advertising setting established by the company.

At the same time, the recent change in my workplace ethics policy was a significant step to change the advertising sphere for the better. The company providing the advertising creation services now checks the order to comply with the moral rules. Our company offers the customer to modify the order to suit the ethics standards. As a result, the advertisement now has less gender discrimination, and people do not absorb the inequality from their gadgets and billboards. Even though it was only one company change, others tend to make similar decisions. Slowly, the advertising sphere can influence society positively. Therefore, workplace ethics significantly impacts society’s world perception and can contribute to its moral development. Companies proposing the anti-discrimination advertising policy and creating an ethical corporate culture encourage their workers to develop gender-neutral advertisements. As a result, society and businesses are also experiencing moral improvements because such an advertisement eliminates gender stereotypes.

Concerning the local community advertising topic, it is essential to mention that it can help the company analyze the target customers’ interests and buying behavior better. The response to the local community advertising and data collection can help enhance the company’s productivity in creating customer-oriented products and find a way to make the advertisements more ethical to empower the whole business and social growth. The analysis and comparison of the behavior patterns may help direct the society’s moral improvements by the advertising. Therefore, the advertising in the local community contributes to the company’s development and the positive changes in the whole society.

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The advertisement will be more appealing when a particular conflict is included in its structure. However, most of such concepts are unethical and require moral assessment before the release. The organization is responsible for providing the brand’s ethical code and developing workplace ethics to contribute to society and business growth. As far as the advertisement significantly impacts social cognition and forms people’s world-perception, the individuals’ and corporate ethics related to the ethics of advertising established by the legislation can influence society’s morality.


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