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Relevance in the Advertising Industry

Advertising plays an essential role in the promotion of products to reach a target audience. Indeed, a company’s success depends on its choice of the right channels to place goods and services in the market. In the Ted Talk, Kristi Roger seems to have done an enormous analysis of advertising, revealing it as an integral part of a marketing plan. She emphasizes that the intended message ought to be communicated to the right people at the right time. This objective is only achievable through the use of the most appropriate technology to convince consumers about the relevance of a product or service.

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Considering Kristi Roger’s hypothesis and results, marketing managers are inclined to the identification of primary challenges prevailing in the industry. They should stay abreast of market dynamics and note any changes that may affect their products with a view of strengthening return on investment (ROI) on an advertisement approach they adopt (Grewal et al., 2017). Besides, they must consider numerous facets of creating effective advertising strategies such as shareholder value, reputational risk, and the influence of digital technology in modern product commercials.

To benefit more from advertising, the marketing manager should hire competitive sales personnel who are excellent in quantitative rather than creative skills. The market is considered essential as compared to the introduction of innovative products. A quantitatively skilled person can properly analyze shifts in market demands and structure, which enables the elimination of four out of five processes in the development of digital campaigns (Ghosh et al., 2020). From a conscious capitalist perspective, quantitative experts can devise advertisements that reach the targeted audience at the right time for the benefit of the company. Marketing campaigns should be created in the most effective way possible by defining the organization’s determinations to connect with the right consumers.


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