Renaissance as a Rebirth in European Civilization

Renaissance was considered to be a time where there was an exercise of a lot of inventiveness in art, structural designs, science, and writing in literature. This period lasted in Europe at an approximated period of three centuries between 1300 and 1600, which led to the interventions of the printing press as well as a telescope. There was also the construction of beautiful buildings, and the great practice of theater thrived during this time. I, therefore, consider the renaissance period to present the term rebirth in Europe1. It is a new birth that happened through the resurrection of the dead ideas and taking a new state of action.

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To start with, I consider Renaissance to be a rebirth of the things that happened within the three decades. During this period, people revisited the ideas which were said to have been disregarded and forgotten for a long period. These ideas were therefore given a second thought and practice, thus being in the state of being reborn. At the same time, they that traveled into different places and countries went along with these ideas that had been reoccurred in Europe2.

The idea of letting everything possible was now at the active state. Many amazing discoveries were made by the astronomers in reverence to stars, planets while at the same time merchants, and the surveyors held a new search into the different new lands.

Renaissance is said to have taken place during the end of the middle ages, which had taken place since the fifth century where it lasted for about one thousand years. At this time, Europe experienced many wars, thus leading to severe famines, which in turn lead to the spread of diseases.

Most of the Europeans habituated off the earth, where they had to struggle for them to survive. During this period also, not many who held the capacity to read or write, and they were also discouraged from making discoveries or developing new ideas. As people made efforts to fight against the middle ages, the renaissance became a new start where people started reading, writing, and inventing on different grounds. At the rebirth of the new ideas, there were several meetings which were conducted frequently for the discussion of the new ideas3.

During the renaissance, there was rebirth on learning what was said to have been studied by the ancient Greeks as well as the Romans. Therefore, there was the revise of the artistic treasures as well as the intellectual ones that lead to more inspirations into artistic greatness.

It is evidenced from the above discussion that the renaissance was a rebirth that happened in Europe. By the fact that Europeans revisited the long disregarded and forgotten ideas into practice. These ideas had been in practice before the Middle Ages, they then died during the middle age where people were discouraged from their inventories, but, finally, they were reborn during the renaissance period.

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The civilization, which happened in Greek, was no longer considered as a partial influence. A return into consciousness was experienced in people’s ancient culture, which was made possible by the high desires which people held in the re-production of their culture. It is therefore said to place and value human beings in the central positioning of the life’s phase, and there was, therefore, an infusion of ideas and thoughts promoted by the acts of art with creation values.


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