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  1. Mona Lisa and Renaissance Humanism
    The word ‘Renaissance’ literally means ‘rebirth’, but most people today associate the term with a specific time period in Western European culture.
  2. The Periods of Renaissance & Reformation, Industrial Revolution and Contemporary World
    Some of the most significant periods in history are the Renaissance and the Reformation in 1300-1650, Industrial Revolution 1700-1900 and the Contemporary World from 1945 to present.
  3. Music of the Renaissance
    The Renaissance era refers to period that marked the revitalization of art and rebirth of music. This essay explores characteristics and impacts of music during renaissance era.
  4. Renaissance Artists: Palmer Hayden and Jacob Lawrence
    In this study, the researcher will focus on the works of Palmer Hayden and Jacob Lawrence, great African American artists who made a great contribution in redefining the cultural identity.
  5. Rivalry and Competition in Italian Renaissance Art
    In this paper, the discussion will focus on rivalry and competition in Italian Renaissance art and its influence on contemporary art.
  6. Early Renaissance Society and Contemporary Europe
    The present paper is aimed at comparing the features of the society during the Early Renaissance and in contemporary Europe.
  7. Society in Renaissance and Modernity
    The Renaissance is a widely discussed period in the world’s history as it altered the objectives and speed of the humanity’s progress.
  8. Human Progress in Renaissance and Modern Society
    Modern society is very similar to European society in the early Renaissance, and the main differences are associated with a higher pace of world development.
  9. Jules Ferry and the Renaissance of French Imperialism
    The primary goal of the paper is to understand Jules Ferry’s rationale for the urgency of the colonial expansion while considering offering non-economic arguments in favor of imperialism.
  10. Art in the Early Renaissance and Today’s European Society
    This paper will compare attitudes towards people and their social values, the perception of art and beauty in Renaissance society and modern society.
  11. “Renaissance Rivals” a Book by Rona Goffen
    The book “Renaissance Rivals: Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael, Titian” by Rona Goffen explores the nature of competition among the masters of the 16th-century European art.
  12. Renaissance as a Rebirth in European Civilization
    Renaissance is a rebirth of the things that happened within the three decades. During this period, people revisited the ideas which were forgotten for a long period.
  13. Renaissance Art Analysis: Significance and Contrasts
    This paper analysis Renaissance Art. Some of the discussed works are Young Man and Woman in an Inn” by Frans Hals, “Saint Jerome as Cardinal” by El Greco and other.
  14. Different Tendencies of Renaissance and Baroque
    The most important principle of the Renaissance was the symmetry used in order to achieve geometric balance and harmony.
  15. Society of the Early Renaissance and Contemporary Europe
    It is evident that the norms of morality and cultural values that were glorified in the era of Renaissance have undergone many changes by today.
  16. Wealth and Power in Early Renaissance and Nowadays
    The project goal is to understand what has and what has not changed in the modern people’s perception of money, wealth, and power as compared to the early Renaissance society.
  17. Society During the Early Renaissance and Nowadays
    Contemporary society takes a lot from the Renaissance period in terms of personal values, religion, education, and medicine, and these lessons help to promote a better future.
  18. Renaissance and Modern Societies
    The Renaissance is a generally talked about period on the planet’s history as it changed the targets and speed of humankind’s advancement.
  19. Society During the Early Renaissance and Contemporary Europe
    The direction toward the man essentially describes the Renaissance. The philosophical thinking about this period is human-centric.
  20. Harlem Renaissance and African American Society
    The research paper will answer the question of the influence of the Harlem Renaissance on the progress of African American society in terms of religion and family.

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  1. Early Renaissance Society vs. Contemporary Society
    Many modern people like to feel that their present advancement and accomplishments share nothing for all intents and purpose with their past.
  2. “Renaissance Italy” by Phil Sheppard
    This paper aims to examine the documentary Renaissance Italy by Phil Sheppard and give it a detailed, valuable, and comprehensive critical assessment.
  3. Leonardo da Vinci and Scientific Anatomy in Renaissance
    The rediscovery of the mathematical proportions of the human body in the 15th century, made by da Vinci and other scientists, was a great achievement of the Renaissance.
  4. Machiavelli’s The Prince in Renaissance Context
    An individual person appears in “The Prince” by Machiavelli in all his unvarnished, soberly assessed reality, with his good intentions and evil deeds.
  5. Renaissance: Da Vinci’s “Comparison of the Arts”
    The work, which is within the analytical scope of this paper, is the “Comparison of the Arts,” which is the chapter from Leonardo Da Vinci’s notebooks.
  6. Renaissance: Titian’s “Bacchus and Ariadne” Painting
    The paper encloses the information about Titian’s biography and its possible relation to Bacchus and Ariadne as well.
  7. Harlem Renaissance and African American Society
    Harlem in New York became the center of the cultural recovery for African Americans after the Great Migration of Blacks to the Northern states of the country, including New York.
  8. Society During the Early Renaissance in Europe vs. Contemporary Society
    The effect of the Renaissance period cannot be ignored in contemporary society. People should learn and respect their history to use the progress and promote new improvements.
  9. WWI and Renaissance
    The Renaissance was a cultural movement that profoundly affected European intellectual life in the early modern period.
  10. Italian Renaissance: Art and Architecture
    Innovators of the Italian Renaissance initiated great artistic works from Florence in the field of art, architecture, painting, literature, and sculpture.
  11. Dr. DuBois and The Harlem Renaissance
    The essay discusses Du Bois’ as a person who knew the actual pulse of the Black community, informates about his life and his ideas of being both Negro and American.
  12. Historical Evidence in the Renaissance Italy Film
    The movie Renaissance Italy offers an overview of how the 14th-16th-century evolution progressed in Italy and how it affected both Italians and the rest of the world.
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