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Researching: Keeping Domestic Animals


A pet refers to any animal kept by people as a source of pleasure and companionship. Although most individuals believe that keeping animals such as horses, cats, and dogs gives them happiness, the animals enjoy living with families as well (McConnell et al., 2019). The breeding of these animals has existed since the prehistoric era and is found in almost every society and culture. This is because keeping pets has proved to provide physical, psychological, and emotional well-being for people.

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Companionship is whereby an individual spends time with a pet and carries out activities such as taking an evening walk. McConnell et al. (2019) explain that this friendship helps individuals prevent diseases and add some years to their lives. On the contrary, loneliness and isolation are primary triggers of depression and anxiety symptoms. Giving care to a live animal makes a person feel wanted, valued, and appreciated; therefore, they divert their focus away from challenges, especially the older adults who live alone (McConnell et al., 2019). For example, most cat and dog owners use them to work their troubles by engaging them in conversations. Coming home to a purring cat or wagging tail plays a crucial role in beating loneliness.

Stress Relief

Pets play a crucial role in improving their owners’ mental health because they have significant traits that positively affect an individual’s blood pressure and hormones. Spending time with these animals helps lower stress hormones known as cortisol (McConnell et al., 2019). An accelerated heart rate and hypertension are associated with causing stress. Playing with pets relaxes the mind and might make stress symptoms less severe. Moreover, domestic animals assist individuals to focus less on their difficulties. For example, McConnell et al. (2019) explain that a person can take ten minutes to walk with the dog when they are extra stressed. Domestic animals are also a source of therapy for people with different psychiatric or mental illnesses. For example, a person can get a health professional’s note to certify their pet as an emotionally supportive animal.

Raising Pets as Children

Today, the family setting has significantly changed and evolved because of various reasons. For example, marriage rates have eroded with people remaining single or choosing to live together as partners (McConnell et al., 2019). The number of childfree women and non-traditional family structures has also increased. These factors have changed the definition of parenthood and family and allowed human beings to have a close bond with domesticated animals. Raising pets as children involves taking responsibility and treating them with care. For example, these tame animals are bathed, fed, and taken to pet hospitals when sick (McConnell et al., 2019). Parenting domestic animals prepare parents to take care of children when they give birth.


In conclusion, keeping domestic animals is beneficial to individuals because they bring them pleasure and happiness. Breeding pets has existed from prehistoric periods, and most families are practicing it today. Such animals are beneficial to human beings because they provide mental, psychological, and physical well-being. Pets are bred for friendship purposes which helps people to prevent loneliness. Additionally, stress hormones are reduced by pets which minimizes the possibility of anxiety and depression. Domestic animals are considered part of the family to people who have delayed marrying or bearing children.


McConnell, A. R., Paige Lloyd, E., & Humphrey, B. T. (2019). We are family: Viewing pets as family members improves wellbeing. Anthrozoös, 32(4), 459-470.

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