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Resistance to Civil Government

Henry’s statement was correct, and I think about it when I see any injustice happening. I agree with his view on the collective duty to defy unjust laws when they happen or are enacted (Thoreau, 2016). For instance, institutional racism has impacted minority groups in the United States, leading to such movements as the black lives matter (BLM). Police officers have been caught on camera in many situations using excessive power to handle people or violating their rights. Such instances as the Floyd case, among others, where police are involved in actions that lead to loss of lives, are rejected. People around tried to make the police officer not kneel on the suspect, but he eventually ended the suspect’s life. Even though many people abuse their rights to protect themselves, there is the need to set moral boundaries. Police officers use their power in the line of duty, but humanity should come first. In “Resistance to Civil Government,” it is evident that many people are against slavery, but they are blind to ending it.

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In Abraham Lincoln’s emancipation speech, he acknowledges that both black and white people feel pain, and no white person would like to be treated as a black individual. From this speech, it is evident that many people understand what others experience, but they do nothing to end it. In “The Cask of Amontillado,” a man buried another person alive following unsolved disputes (Arntzen, 2018). Boundaries should be set in actions taken to preserve dignity in humanity since people are acting against the law. Recently, many laws have been passed but seem unjust as institutional racism has continued to prevail across all dimensions. The government has gone a top-notch high on violating the rights of its citizens. It is time people are educated on civil laws and their rights based on the United States Constitution. Standing together with one voice and launching protests is one way of advocating for “Resistance to Civil Government.”


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