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“REST: Break Through to Resilience”: Article Analysis


Performing tasks in the workplace can be challenging for nurses and nursing students without effective models they can rely on in the process. This condition is explicitly examined in the article “REST: Break through to resilience,” written by Rajamohan et al. (2020), who claim the significance of the developed tool for this objective. Therefore, this paper aims to summarize the selected piece and explain its importance for my own professional nursing practice in the future.

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Assigned Article Summary

The shortage of nurses due to burnout is a common problem in healthcare. There is compelling evidence that resilience eliminates such risks and improves the quality of patient care, as follows from the article “REST: Break through to resilience” (Rajamohan et al., 2020). This piece aims at how these specialists and students can use the REST framework to boost this indicator in their career paths.

The suggested approach is based on a combination of factors. They are connected to resilience, which means “utilizing healthy internal coping mechanisms and external resources” for overcoming challenges (Rajamohan et al., 2020, p. 53). Thus, the acronym REST contributes to the successful performance of this task while providing practical guidance. It incorporates relationships, exercise, soul, and transformative thinking leading to thoughtful action (Rajamohan et al., 2020). For its proper implementation, “it is vital for nurses to recognize the emotions they feel when they face stressful situations in school, home, or work” (Rajamohan et al., 2020, p. 54). Meanwhile, it is also crucial to pay attention to future employees’ lifestyles, including appropriate sleeping patterns for academic progress (Rajamohan et al., 2020). Ultimately, these practices maintain a balance between the four essential components described by the authors.

Impact of Assigned Article Content on Future Practice

The information presented by the authors in the article under consideration seems vital for my future professional nursing practice as it can boost my productiveness and competence. Its particular importance is conditional upon clarifying critical conditions, which I should meet to render the services of appropriate quality to the patients while avoiding burnout. These factors are difficult to trace in one’s work since they are personal, whereas attention to my essential habits, including sleep and exercise, will be advantageous for the specified objectives in the long run. Moreover, it will have an impact on my cooperation with colleagues in the workplace since they might be unaware of the discussed evidence. This possibility can be detrimental to our communication and their personal successes in careers, and my involvement in the task of assisting them with challenges and explaining causes will be beneficial for the whole organization.


In conclusion, the REST framework for nursing students is beneficial for avoiding future burnout and is useful for maintaining the quality of healthcare. This outcome is based on the evidence provided by the researchers, and its significance can be explained by the need for an efficient mechanism allowing to avoid adverse results of nurses’ professional activity. In my future practice, it will also be helpful in ensuring the correspondence of my actions to organizational standards, maintaining my personal wellbeing, and improving relationships with my colleagues. Thus, the REST model is a scientifically proven approach addressing numerous goals.


Rajamohan, S., Davis, C. R., & Ader, M. (2020). REST: Break through to resilience. Nursing 2020, 50(8), 53-56. Web.

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