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Restaurant Staff Training Plan for 2020-2021


This proposal covers a training plan for all employees of the restaurant. The purpose is to educate and train the personnel following the demands in the hospitality industry of 2020 and the following year. The expected result is the fully trained and properly prepared staff within a reasonable time frame at an affordable price. Updating the skillset of the restaurant employees will take no more than 9 000 dollars over three weeks, which will subsequently pay off.

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Contemporary restaurants operate in three primary dimensions. The first is the digital age, which enables the use of the Internet, digital technology, and online tools. The second is the workforce mostly consisting of millennials, which is a generation of people with high ambitions and a low boredom threshold. This implies that to properly engage them, creative solutions are preferable. The third dimension is the COVID-19 pandemic, which predetermines certain restrictions and challenges to the productive functioning of restaurants. Taking all factors into account, training will yield two major benefits – the implementation of high-tech solutions and the creation of a disease-resistant environment.

Firstly, the restaurant personnel will become confident users of modern technology. Paper-based service is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Servers, cooks, and bust runners will benefit greatly from the shift to smartphones and tablets at work. To begin with, they are already familiar with this format. Management can use the reliance on gadgets to streamline the work process. Instead of bothering managers, employees can look for the necessary information on a tablet or a smartphone. As a result, time and money are saved, and the overall customer service is improved.

Secondly, the restaurant staff will become aware of the virus risks. Preventing COVID is not complicated, but it requires the person to follow certain well-known rules. Simple and basic procedures like washing hands, keeping distance, wearing a mask, cleaning kitchen appliances are essential measures for controlling the health and well-being of customers and the staff. Teaching the employees, the basics of infection prevention will save management money, which would be lost on personnel turnover because of the illnesses.


Restaurant staff training is essentially on-the-job training. It means that the employees are getting educated by their colleagues while working. The average cost of training a new worker is 12.75 dollars a day (Spencer, 2020, 2019 Direct Labor Total Section). When a worker is ready, their wage drops to the state minimum because they now receive tips. Therefore, the entirety of digital training should be done within three weeks, which are necessary to prepare a newcomer. Managers will have to make the essential information accessible to the employees online so that they could reach it via their gadgets.

The same period applies to developing proper health habits. Three weeks is an adequate time to learn hygiene procedures and rules of social distancing and make them a habit. Management will have to double the cost of maintaining sanitizers and the cleaning and cooking equipment. As a result, the worst-case scenario when the restaurant must pay an employee each of the twenty-one days constitutes 267.75 dollars. Provided there are thirty workers, who will receive training, the total sum will be 8,032.5 dollars.


Altogether, the training plan will take three weeks and will not exceed 9 000 dollars if there are thirty workers. The calculations are based on paying one employee a wage of 12.75 dollars a day. The training itself incorporates the implementation of digital technology and online services combined with health measures aimed at preventing the spread of the COVID infection. Eventually, the investment is worthwhile because the restaurant loses more money on paper, explanations, and employees fall ill in comparison.

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