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Riders, Natural American Spirit, and Got Milk Ads

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Riders Jeans Advertisement

Riders Jeans advertisement does not include much text, which makes a potential customer see the main phrase immediately even if one did not want to read it. That is why, looking at this advertisement, it is impossible not to notice the emphasis that is made on the product positioning. Unlike all other similar products, these very jeans are claimed to slim a person instantly, which is their main advantage and unique feature that the competitors do not have. Thus, from the very beginning, different target audiences can think that this product is perfect for them.

This advertisement appeals to the interpersonal influences on the consumer. People tend to believe that the way they want to look like is based on their personal opinion, but it is greatly affected by culture and society (Kasi para. 1). Riders jeans wrote several features that the product has (for example, tummy control panel or slimming stretch). They totally meet the way the general public perceives an ideal of beauty. The advertisement plays people’s desire to reach a perfect model. Jeans are in fashion, so they are offered; the slim body is in fashion, so all means that can make one look spindling are underlined.

Finally, attention should be paid to the type of market segmentation. The advertisement is placed in the women’s journal, which limits the targeted population to the females, regardless of the product that is offered. Moreover, two women who are likely to be less than 30 years old are shown in the picture, which proves that demographic market segmentation is implied (Kokemuller para. 2). Except for age and gender, people’s race is identified, as African American and European American women are depicted. In this way, more customers can be attracted.

Natural American Spirit Advertisement

The advertisement of the Natural American Spirit attracts people, emphasizing that the product is earth-friendly. All information is described through words. Such an approach appeals to the psychological screens of the customers. People’s attitudes towards the environment are taken into consideration. The organization aligns itself with the clients who believe that it is significant to recycle materials and save the planet in this way.

The very product is targeted at the customer’s habit to smoke and receive pleasure from this process. The tobacco is claimed to have a better taste and be totally non-addictive. Even though the required information about the danger of smoking is included, the product is described, so that it seems to be safe. Individuals who can be easily distracted and tend to focus on the particular information that appeals to them are likely to buy Natural American Spirit.

The product life cycle is described in the advertisement to emphasize the fact that it can be easily utilized with no threat to the environment. In this way, the Natural American Spirit is differentiated with similar products. It is positioned as a natural good that tastes better than other products.

The advertisement coordinates not only with promotion but also with other components of the marketing mix:

  • Distribution – it is identified how people can order the product – website and phone number are given; the number of orders is limited – one per year;
  • Price – the price of gift certifications is mentioned in the text several times;
  • Product – the quality is described through the taste of the product, its non-addictiveness, and the fact that it is earth-friendly. It is differentiated in the same way because natural tobacco with such a wide range of advantages is something unusual.

Got Milk Advertisement

Got Milk advertisement differs from the previous two greatly. It is focused on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which can be proved by the text, which is full of symbolic and metaphoric meanings. Biological and safety needs are mainly approached (McLeod para. 11). Milk presupposes food and drink. Its description as a source of enormous strength means that the customers will have an opportunity to protect themselves and their families as they will be very strong. Moreover, people’s background does not matter, as the product is advantageous for everyone.

This advertisement is extremely dependent on social appeals. The photo of Superman and the word Krypton used in the text presupposes that the customers are well aware of them. Thus, children who are fans of Superman will drink milk because he does so while those who are not familiar with this character would not believe the advertisement to be convincing enough and would be likely to ignore it. However, the image of a strong man who can stand his ground is highly valued in society. That is why even the form of the depicted person can be enough to attract attention.

Unlike many other advertisements, this one has a primary type of demand. It does not include any information about a brand and does not describe some particular variants of the product. It encourages people to drink milk just because it is good for their health. Customers should consider the issue in general, but the outcomes will bring profit to the whole industry, especially the top providers. Organizations do not emphasize their individual success, which appeals to many people and results in increased demand.

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