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Romantic Comedies


Comedy is one of the techniques used by play writers to express opinions, views, and judgments. Through comedy, the audience is able to access information that would be difficult to explain using conventional communication means. Some scholars view comedy as an intellectual tool that helps writers express their intellectual freedom. Comedians utilize the comedies to express their views regarding love, politics, marriage, family, and business (Byrne 26).

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This article would compare two recent movies related to romance. The well-known comedians produced celebrated comedy referred to as what is Your Rashee. In the movie, there were twelve characters, each playing a different role. The movie brought out the role of astrology in romance in the Indian society. The setting of the movie was a rural village where the old man referred to as Yogesh waited for the mail carrier to bring in a letter.

The mail carrier arrived with a letter from his youngest son who was also referred to as Yogesh. The letter attracted the attention of the old man, which made him decide that he would let his youngest son inherit his property. In Mumbai, family members of Yogesh were contemplating on what to do after receiving news that the eldest son, Jitu, was headed to prison since he had many debts.

The family sought the services of the astrologer to determine the fate of the elder brother. The astrologer predicted that the eldest son would not be jailed. Moreover, the astrologer recommended that the youngest son would acquire a lot of money after marrying.

Synopsis of the first comedy

In the second movie, the comedians brought out the theme of marriage successfully. The movie was referred to as “I Think I Love My Wife.” In the movie, Richard Cooper was presented as a successful person, with a beautiful wife. However, his marriage had problems since the wife lost interest in sex, leaving him wondering on what to do.

The husband could think about cheating on the wife with other women but he could not actually do it since he loved his wife and children. After some time, the husband met with an old friend who requested his company as a friend. Things became worse when the friend urged Cooper to be in intimate relationship with her.

Synopsis of the second comedy

In the two comedies, the theme of marriage is presented but in different contexts. In the first comedy, the comedians showed that love in the Indian society was a communal affair that had to incorporate the views of family members. In fact, the family had a responsibility to ensure family members had successful marriage.

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The family consulted the astrologer to determine the fate of its members. In the second comedy, the theme of marriage is also presented clearly. However, an individual practiced what he or she thought is right in love. In other words, the community played a little role in an individual’s life (Holt 12).


The main aim of comedy is to bring out humor. In the two movies, humor is brought out differently. In the first comedy, the humor is deliberate while humor is accidental in the second play. The actions of the astrologer are humorous because he performs some of the funny actions intended to attract the attention of the audience. The part played by the astrologer would be interpreted in the same way in other cultures as compared to the part played by the husband in the second play, which is subject to various interpretations (Jacobson 87).

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