Rules and Requirements for the English Lesson



There are four most notable traits that a reader should agree up. They include the aggressive practical and entrepreneurial outlook; the sense of compassion and fierce democratic social conscience; the showing ness; and lastly the cruel streak. Each of these four dominant character traits should receive its own body paragraph, and within each such paragraph, you will point to two or three specific scenes and also you may include direct quotations of the author’s words as well as descriptions in your own words of the specific scenes and dialogue.

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One may organize the body paragraph in whatever order that seems to be the most effective, although an emphatic order will probably be the best choice that arranges the traits from least significant to the most significant, thereby saving the best for last.

As one traces the occurrences of each characteristic, and then there is a need to think about why the author gave the qualities. The objectives of English 102 are: one need to read critically, with an eye to creating questions that can not be answered within the text and these questions will guide in the research; creating a method of research that will answer the questions thoroughly and efficiently; use a variety of research sources and methods( including interviews, ethnographic studies, as well as historical and academic research) to find, synthesize, and evaluate information; develop an argument that answers the research questions and takes part in a scholarly conversation about the relevant issues; integrate the information from the research effectively into the argument; revise the argument to take into account possible objectives/ critiques and to address the appropriate audience/ rhetorical situation.

Classroom policies

The classroom policies required are: attendance- the opinions help shape the class into a group of scholars rather than a Hodgepodge of students. This is because one will face unforeseen circumstances missing up to four classes without penalty. This stipulation means that excessive absences lead to no credit even if one does well on papers and presentations; conferences- allow one to ask general or particular questions about the course and to discuss past, present, and future assignments.

These mandatory meetings will be scheduled three times during the duration; class participation- this covers all that is done in class and everyone should be mentally and physically present meaning that you will not do anything outside what is required for the classwork.

Participation also means that you will bring necessary texts and implements and one thing you should not do is to show up to English class without paper, pen or pencil, and that day’s text; more info on participation- one is required to turn off the cell phones and other communication devices so as not to anger the other colleagues and since the class involves minimal note-taking, then laptops are unnecessary unless as a part of a presentation. Intelligent contributions, witty observations, suggestions on reading, and contextual connections are always welcomed; papers and writing- a major part of it are learning to craft a well-supported and well-structured argument using different methods of research. (Berger, 2006)

The paper obligations consist of three formal, out–of–class papers, three cover letters, daily journal entries, and numerous online writing assignments. The in-class writings must be completed during class time, to receive credit and the formal papers will be handed in at roll call on the day they are due; the grading standards for formal papers and cover letters:

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superior- a paper at this level demonstrates insightful development and a mature style and it represents a sophisticated response to the assignment elaborated with well-chosen examples and persuasive reasoning.

The writer observes all conventions of the standard written English and words are chosen aptly and sophisticated sentences used effectively; clearly written- the paper presents a thoughtful response to the assignment developed with appropriate examples and sensible reasoning and not only does the writer observe the conventions of standard written English, but words are chosen accurately and sentences varied for effective expression; satisfactory- it presents a complete response with acceptable reasoning and examples that support the task and it shows its writer can choose words of sufficient precision and control sentences of reasonable variety; unsatisfactory- it may lack coherent structure, it may be missing examples or evidence to back up claims, may reflect an incomplete understanding, maybe seriously deficient in its use of the citation system, and its prose style might contain pervasive major and minor grammar and proofreading errors and lastly unacceptable- the F paper may disregard the topic’s demands or lack any appropriate structure, even at the paragraph level, it may be inappropriately brief and employ no elements of the citation system. (McCarthy, 2003)

Plagiarism- it is a serious offense and includes getting essays or portions of essays from the internet or from another person, having someone else writes your paper. The writing center is available to assist you and the students who use its services on a regular basis find that it helps them immeasurably. The core assignments in 102 include many assignments common to research composition courses and this goal takes research beyond basic and general library work to hands-on data collection, archival research in specialized archives, and different disciplinary archives and resources. The initial reading and inquiry- the analysis of texts to introduce students to ongoing conversations within a particular discipline or selected subject.

The critical and reflective reading focuses on questions at issue, writers’ perspectives, assumptions, positions, and strategies of argument. The problem identification and preliminary research- identification of a problem, development of research question that is the research proposal, and the initial annotated bibliography. The directed research- introduction to various research methodologies and sources and include the extended annotated bibliography, evaluation of sources, and the presentation of developing knowledge. Construction of research project- develops the understanding of audience, purpose, genre, appropriate rhetorical appeals including working and final drafts and the revisions (emphasis on rhetorical effectiveness, stylistic improvement, proofreading and correctness, and proper use of source material and citation.)

Thinking skills students

The thinking skills goal helps to increase students’ ability to engage the art of question-asking in a particular discipline. (Holland, Suzanne 2001)

The writing goal helps communicate the results of your thinking in a seven to a ten-page research paper and the evaluation goals help in the sentence mechanics and paragraphing. The instructional methods include: the online lecture- each week, one has to read the instructor’s comments about the pieces of literature, writing techniques, literary terms, and concepts of literature.

The web links, questions, and other digital media will be peppered throughout to make the lecture more interactive and engaging; the online discussion- we will be having ongoing discussions in a bulletin- board type format on the course web page and both the instructor and the students will be providing feedback and comments in an intellectual form, and lastly the conference- the students seeking for their papers or journals are encouraged to make an appointment with the instructor to discuss their work and should feel free to email the instructor anytime. The physical therapist helps a patient improve mobility, relieve pain, and limit or prevent disabilities.

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A typical day for a physical therapist might include leading a patient through an exercise routine, perform massages, administer electrical stimulation of muscles and prescribe physical therapy procedures ad also reviews the results of treatment performed by assistants and aides.

The main responsibility is to improve or maintain patients’ strength, range of motion, balance and coordination, posture, muscles performance, respiration, and motor function and also provide patient care, design treatment programs for their patients that will result in recovery from disability or injury. The physical therapist assistants, under the supervision of the physical therapist, utilize therapeutic exercise, functional training, adaptive devices, and physical agents to restore, maintain and promote optimal physical function.

They also work with a wide range of individuals who have physical limitations or disabilities resulting from injury, disease, or surgery, and they are employed in a wide variety of settings that include: the hospital and rehabilitation facilities; outpatient clinics; skilled nursing, extended care, or convalescent facilities; home health agencies; hospices and the school system. With this knowledge of English 102 which prepares a student for research work then it helps one in this field to be successful as one has the concepts and the methodologies to use when taking his or her research on the patients. The student finds the work enjoyable because the needed requirements are provided and therefore to take care of the patient becomes an easy task to undertake. (Lunsford, 2005)


English 102 is very effective as it helps the students in research work given the right direction then one is able to do all the best in the field. when they relate the knowledge of this course and the pre-physical therapy then the students have a strong science background as well as a broad, liberal arts education which includes skills such as decision making and communication. A person who has an attitude of service and loves people should consider a pre-physical therapy major. This knowledge helps the students work as a team and this applies to the physical therapy department where most of their work is done in form of a team.

The physical therapy plans often include exercise and the functional training programs administered by the assistant and the assistants are responsible for reporting patient response to the physical therapist, documenting physical therapy interventions, and performing selected measures. The English 102 becomes necessary and part of the research when the students are sent to carry out research in different areas with supervision or without they are able to be successful.


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