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S.M.A.R.T. Goal Strategy in Nursing


In various professionals, it is necessary to apply the S.M.A.R.T goal approach, in a bid to attain the desired outcomes. This enhances the achievement of these goals, and hence the ultimate development in one’s career. Professionals apply various steps in making smart goals. Usually, this systematic approach ensures the achievement of these goals. Therefore, this document will contemplate over the goal-setting procedure by looking into peer-reviewed journals for each goal.

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Smart Goal 1: Communication and Relationship Building

For individuals to achieve their objectives in effective communication, they ought to apply the necessary communication skills. This would help to improve their interaction with employers, clients, and fellow employees. In her article, Artford explains the essence of effective communication in creating strong teams within an organization. Besides, the team ought to set specific goals in regards to their main objectives. This article also emphasizes the essence of proper interpersonal skills as part of one’s goal within a team (Artford, 2005). Additionally, the article explains the obstacles that might hinder an individual while creating goals for strong interpersonal relationship with their colleagues. Besides, the article shows how proper planning aids in achievement of various goals, as well as objectives.

Smart Goal 2: Patient Care Management

In order to achieve the goal of improved patient management, one ought to apply all the five parts of a smart goal. This calls for persistence and determination since one may lose track in the process. For instance, one ought to note down the key objectives included in the smart goals (Hutchinson, 2011). It is also crucial to keep on reviewing the set objectives, in order to assess the progress one has made in fulfilling their objectives.

To improve the quality of services given to patients, there is the need to point out specific areas that need improvement. Additionally, there is a call for the professional nurses to inquire for the clients’ opinions in order to get an overview of key areas that need improvement. According to Hutchinson, professional nurses ought to identify key complains from the clients during service delivery. Hutchinson also cites that these comments ought to be confidential. These professionals should focus on the patients’ concerns, and then wait for feedback to review the level of their goal attainment. Besides, qualified professionals ought to help their colleagues during service delivery. This significantly helps achieve one’s objectives, since they also learn new ways of handling clients while working as a group.

Smart Goal 3: Strategic Planning

In an effort to achieve the desired goals for improving various services delivery, qualified nurses hold the obligation of clearly defining their stratagems. This entails making informed resolutions and allocating time and other resources to pursue their predetermined objectives. This will significantly enhance the chances of achieving one’s goals, thereby creating room for career growth.

In their article, Prue-Owens, Watkins, and Wolgast explicitly explain the methods that nurses may employ in the optimization of service delivery within the armed forces healthcare centers. Moreover, the article reveals strategic approaches, which the nurses may suit, with the key intention of achieving excellent patient upshot. This will significantly boost the clients’ satisfaction. Additionally, it increases the nurses’ expertise in delivering services to their clients (Prue-Owens, Watkins & Wolgast, 2011). Besides, the armed forces hospitals have a policy known as patient advocacy that employs a strategy to enhance partnerships between concerned parties in the care-giving process, for enhanced results. Additionally, the strategy also focuses on addressing other concerns in their health department, such as reduced staff.

Smart Goal 4: Organizational Performance

Qualified nurses ought to evaluate the current functionality of their services to patients, thus look into changes that might improve the performance of their respective health organizations. In addition, these professionals ought to gear their service improvement towards increased patients’ contentment. These nurses have the obligation of assessing their achievements against their preset goals. Besides, nurses ought to utilize their leadership skills, together with their colleagues’ expertise towards their set goal realization.

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In his article, Smith Trudeau highlights the manager’s critical role in applying organizational performance towards the ultimate goal delivery. Additionally, the article draws attention to the challenges that nurse leaders face in their duty, which is to motivate other employees to work hard towards the actual realization of their set goals (Smith-Trudeau, 2009).


In order to achieve certain preset objectives, nurses together with other professionals ought to apply S.M.A.R.T. goal strategy in their diverse roles. This involves employing learnt knowledge and skills such as interpersonal skills in achieving their preset goals. This implies that one ought to apply effective communication skills, following the SMART goals guidelines, in order to achieve the stated goals. Additionally, professional nurses ought to have a strategy applicable in acquiring the set objectives of the firm. Besides, there is the necessity to employ a panel of professionals to work together, in an attempt to realize the organization’s objectives. This is possible with the control of a leader.


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