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How to Achieve a Goal?

There are many things without which it is hard to imagine this life, and a properly set goal is one of them. People should have a goal, a dream, or an intention on the basis of which it is possible to develop new relations, improve living conditions, and think about a better future. Albert Einstein said once that life could be happier in case it was tied to a goal but not to some people or things. Unfortunately, not all people know exactly how to achieve a goal. Some people face problems even when they try to set a goal.

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The current paper helps to understand the peculiarities and importance of a goal-achieving process. Human life is not an easy, still very amazing, and fascinating thing that can be improved by a clearly defined and properly achieved goal. When people do not know what to do or how to react to a certain event or how to treat a particular person, they try to change something in their lives within a short period of time. Any change is a kind of goal that has to be achieved; this is why life is empty without goals, and people have to set and achieve goals from time to time during the whole lifespan.

Of course, the goals may be of different types: short-term or long-term, specific or global, encouraging or frustrating, etc. The peculiar feature of any goal and its achieving process is that people are free to choose its peculiarities and consider personal skills, knowledge, and interests in order to achieve it.

Still, it is necessary to remember that, in order to achieve a goal, people should follow certain rules or, at least, think about the process as something special. Managing goal achievement is a serious process that helps people to comprehend their own roles and realize their possibilities; it consists of a number of steps like setting, brainstorming, visualizing, searching, having appropriate intentions, and analyzing that have to be taken into consideration.

In fact, the process of how to achieve a goal is long, indeed, but all steps are not difficult to remember and understand. A person should realize that it is in his/her own interests to succeed in achieving a goal; this is why each step should be taken properly regarding personal abilities, interests, and knowledge.

At the beginning, to achieve a goal, it is very important to know that any goal should correspond to a number of SMART characteristics: be Specific (a person should clearly explain it), be Measurable (a person should understand when it is accomplished), be Attainable (a person has to know that it is real and practical), be Rewarding (a person knows he/she can win something from its achievement), and be Time-bound (a person needs to set a deadline according to which the whole work may be organized).

As soon as a goal corresponds to all these characteristics, it is high time to think about the process of the goal’s achievement as it is. First, a goal should be properly constructed and pronounced: a person has to see it and feel the necessity to achieve it. For example, a person wants to earn a certain sum of money or lose some kilos. It is required to write a whole sentence on a clean sheet of paper and look at it to believe that it is a real need. Second, if necessary, it is possible to think about several sub-goals that can be used to achieve the main goal.

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For example, in order to earn money, a person should find a job, divide his/her salary accordingly, never touch the money saved, etc. Third, a person should set the dates, when each sub-goal should be achieved, and consider that if one period is shifted, the other period of goal’s achievement will be shifted accordingly. Then, it is time to brainstorm the ideas of how to achieve a goal and ask for additional help in case it is crucial. A person has to believe that any goal may be achieved in case it is SMART.

If some difficulties or misunderstandings take place, it is always possible to choose another way and think about some different methods of its achievement. This step may imply such actions as a search of some hints or explanations, the use of examples, the attention to the others’ points of view, etc. Anyway, to achieve a goal, a person should never be afraid to admit that some help may be required and be ready to ask for it in time. The next step on a “how to achieve a goal” process is to control the emotions and try to stay positive.

Even if some mistakes or disappointments take place, a person should be able to re-evaluate the process and think about the alternatives, which are more or less appropriate for a situation. Bruce Lee said that it was not always necessary to reach a goal. Sometimes, it is enough to have something to aim at. This is why when it is clear that a goal cannot be achieved in accordance with an established plan (because of some novelties or unexpected conditions), it is always possible to replace a goal or change it for something else.

Finally, any goal is a personal desire to achieve something that can be rewarding or integral for living. It is impossible to live without a goal. However, someone may think that there are many people who do not have a goal to be achieved and continue living a happy life. In fact, such people just do not understand that they set and achieve goals without even knowing about it. Even a desire to eat or a necessity to drink from time to time may be defined as a kind of goal that should be achieved. As a rule, such goals are SMART by their nature and achieved unconditionally. In general, the process of how to achieve a goal is not complicated.

Sometimes, it is enough to set a goal and think about the most appropriate ways on how to achieve it. Still, it is hard to be sure that the results of such a process will be successful. This is why if a person has enough time, abilities, and desire to consider all the steps mentioned in the paper, it is better to follow them and get more chances to succeed. A goal is a thing that makes human life complete. Even if it is impossible to have something, it is enough to have a goal and strive for it day by day. This is what makes the process of the goal’s achievement so special and important.

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