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Sampling Design. Data Collection Paper


The sampling design of the peer-reviewed articles in general looks rather unwieldy; nevertheless, it provides all the information required for the accomplishing of the data collection paper. Thus, Gorvett (2006) provides a clear explanation of the main topic of his research. Considering the necessity to explain the central points of the paper, author resorts to numerous references, and explains some of the key points within the paper. O the one hand, this makes the paper structure and design more unwieldy, nevertheless, easier for understanding. Moreover, as for the matters of sampling design, the necessity for clear description of the format requirements, and the requirements for the issues closely linked with writing a professional paper, are satisfied.

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The papers originate from Turkey (Gorvett, 2006), Great Britain (Lentz and Tse, 2003), the USA (Simmons, Kruse and Smith, 2005), and China (Wang and Zhou, 2006). Independently on the origin of the paper. Providing independent forecasts, the authors of the paper just emphasize the national origins of their researches, nevertheless, the structure of the papers, tendencies, and rules, which authors resort to and argumentation is universal.

Sample Size

The size of the sample may be regarded as quite appropriate for this research topic, nevertheless, the detailing is excess, and it is very easy to get entangled with such an amount of details. The fact is that, the size of the research flow should correspond with the actual necessity in detail. On the one hand, the amount of details is sufficient for the allover accomplishing of the research, considering all the aspects of the paper, and satisfying all the requirements of this paper. Moreover, as for the matters of the size and the requirements of the assignment, it should be emphasized that the necessity to consider the immense amount of details and instructions generally leads to overloading of the assignment with the details.

Originally, data collection papers require precise and accurate instructions on the matters of collecting the necessary data, and methods of obtaining the necessary results, as well as processing the obtained information, while the regarded paper is mainly focused on the format and style requirements. Originally, such an approach leads to unprofessional data collection papers, as the required assignments are not described properly. Thus, by the regarded papers, data collection processes should not be neglected, as it is the basic point of any research.

While course assignments are given in detail, the tools of proceeding information and methods of obtaining the necessary results are not described properly, thus, there is a strong necessity to pay more attention to the essence of the paper and central points of the assignment.

Finally, there is a strong necessity to emphasize that the findings of the data collection paper are not described. The fact is that, findings are regarded to be the most important part of the paper, as these contain the results and the purposes of the assignment, nevertheless, it is up to a student to define the aims and purposes of the paper. Thus, outlining the results will depend on the research process in general.


Course Syllabus (2009) “Research and Evaluation” RES 341. University of Phoenix.

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