School Administration

The paper is a critical examination of the concept of school administration. My opinion is given regarding the concept of administration being a greedy work. Additionally, it is apparent that administration is an important aspect when running schools especially in the desire to ensure that there is great improvement academically and otherwise. This paper also discusses the effect administration has on school administrators. It has been noted that for schools to operate in a successful manner there is need to have competent administrators who are bestowed with several responsibilities such as providing instructional leadership as well as managing the day to day activities in learning institutions (Waite, 2010). Additionally, they set educational standards, goals, establishing policies and procedures coined in ensuring that the set goals are attained. Similarly, administrators manage as well as supervise all workers within his or her jurisdiction, administer recordkeeping, preparing budgets, training and motivating teachers as well as other staff members, developing academic programs, they also link with parents, students and other relevant stakeholders (Waite, 2010).

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Based on the finding of Waite and other previous scholars, one question comes into my mind with regards to what happens to an individual who follows a given occupation, this is an important aspect in the teaching profession. The kinds of responsibilities mention above among many more do have effects on an individual. For instance, an administrator who has been in the position before getting married has a higher chance of not getting married since he/she will not have a chance or time for socialization (Coser, 1974). On the same note those who were married before rising to the position will dedicate more of their time in carrying out duties, tasks and responsibilities linked to their job and have very little or no time with family members. The ultimate result is divorce or an individual with no children (Hanson, 2003). The effects are so diverse that there was a case in which a male teacher after divorcing fought legal battles with his wife to gain custody of his daughter, however, after entering administrative position he had no other option but to talk to his former wife to assist in raising the daughter. This view is summarized by Coser, 1974 who noted that

[Total commitment reduces anxieties that arise from competing roles and such commitment to a wide range of responsibility makes one to relinquish their autonomous which is later replaced by heteronomous submission to the all-encompassing demands of organization that needs such an individual to serve the needs of the organization.]

Administrators are also experiencing stress and pressure related to “overcrowded classrooms, safety issues, budgetary concerns, and teacher shortages in some areas are creating additional stress for administrators” (Waite, 2010). Additionally they are called upon to adhere to government regulations, being held accountable for both students and teachers performance among other issues. The problems or effect of administration on administrators is aggravated by the fact that individuals who work very hard are well rewarded hence enhancing work addiction.

On the other hand, studies have established that there are certain jobs that provide individuals with a comfortable place to retreat to. To some individuals working in the administrative position has been deemed a respite in which individuals “free themselves from domestic emotional entanglement to where their worth as well as identities are recognized especially if the school is very supportive” (Hanson, 2003).

From my observation and explanation, learning institutions have turn to be a greedy institution whereby administrators have been fashioned to work extra hard to meet the desires and aspirations of the school. This in turn has contributed to making individuals holding such a position to dedicate more of their time working and having very little or no time for socialization or spending with the family. On the same not this has seen to it that few individuals are applying for these positions (principles, assistant principles among others) since they are scared of what they will be turned to by administration responsibilities (Waite, 2010).


Coser, L. (1974). Greedy institutions: Patterns of undivided commitment. New York The Free Press.

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Waite, D. (2010). On the shortcoming of our organizational form: With implications for educational change and school improvement. School Leadership and Management, 30(3): 225-248.

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