Science of Human Flourishing in Healthcare

In general meaning, human flourishing can be defined as an attempt to achieve self-affirmation and perfection within the framework of a larger group of individuals, with an opportunity to pursue personal methods of such attempts. As a concept, human flourishing focuses on a virtue theory developed by Aristotle, who emphasized that full well-being is the highest gain that all human beings endeavor to reach (Joseph, 2015). This paper will analyze the concept of human flourishing in the context of public health to define its essence and connection with well-being.

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Human flourishing in public health is a term that revolves around the idea that harmony in moral, spiritual, physical, economic, financial, and psychological areas is paramount for human well-being. In the healthcare sector, physicians’ promotion of patient flourishing as the utmost good is considered to be inherent in the vital nature of healthcare practice (Little, Salmela-Aro & Phillips, 2017). Medical workers, as virtue-oriented moral agents, seek perfection in the clinical conditions of their job. In their relations with patients, representatives of the healthcare sector promote individuals’ well-being together with their personal flourishing. Under such circumstances, human flourishing plays a role of a so-called philosophical guide of professional healthcare for both medical workers and patients.

Five key elements are taken into account to measure the level of patients’ flourishing. They include happiness and life fulfillment; physical and spiritual health; goal and meaning; temper and virtue; and tight social relations (Alexander, 2018). Answers to specially developed questions related to these concepts allow medical professionals to determine the patients’ level of well-being. Accordingly, the concept of human flourishing in the public health sector proves its relevance and significance for both patients and physicians.


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