SEC vs. ACC Graduation Rates

The United States of America is famous for different sports organizations conducive to arranging for the protection and strengthening of the health of a community. They can be national, regional and local. The most important and well-known organizations are SEC (the Southeastern Conference) and ACC (the Atlantic Coast Conference).

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The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) is an athletic league of the USA. The ACC was established in 1953 by seven members (Maryland, Wake Forest, Clemson, North Carolina State, Duke, South Carolina and North Carolina). Within some years this association enjoyed wide popularity and this fact explained the expansion of it with new members, Georgia Institute of Technology joined in 1978. Nowadays the ACC numbers 12 participants. In the future, the Atlantic Coast Conference plans to continue its policy of expansion. The University of Miami and Virginia Tech will subscribe to the ACC in the near future. This will result in growth of football prowess and the graduation rate as well. The members of this association take part in contests in numerous kinds of sports, such as baseball, men’s golf, women’s golf, women’s basketball, men’s basketball, football, gymnastics, soccer, softball, and others. Football teams are the members of the Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS). The obligatory condition of the walking to the team is a high graduation rate. The academic standards must be fulfilled by all the team players. Boston College can be regarded as an example for the others. The football players have the highest per cent of the progress in the whole country. Only after six years of studying a student can get the certificate of full value. The high requirements to the students favour the high level of their knowledge.

The Southeastern Conference is a league dated from 1933. It is famous for its achievements in athletics and excellent fulfillment of academic standards. The SEC is a very successful organization. For the last eighteen years, its teams took part in national championships and won almost 7 of them every year. The current commissioner is Mike Slive. He is the seventh commissioner. His candidature was affirmed on July 2, 2002. And the contract of the collaboration between the SEC and Mike Slive was prolonged until July 31, 2009. The SEC helps the students, who want to achieve great success not only on the sports field but also to become well-educated, broad-minded, intelligent and clever people, gifted to do everything for the prosperity of their country. Competitions are held in different kinds of sports: men’s cross country, women’s cross country, men’s swimming & diving, women’s swimming & diving, men’s tennis, women’s tennis, men’s indoor track & field, women’s indoor track & field, men’s outdoor track & field, women’s outdoor track & field, volleyball and others. A lot of famous educational institutions are the members of the SEC: University of Alabama, University of Arkansas, Auburn University, University of Georgia, University of Florida, Louisiana State University, Mississippi State University, University of Tennessee, University of South Carolina and others. The office staff of the SEC troubles great about the gradual rates of its students, establishes different programs on the improvement of the mastering the students’ knowledge.

To sum it all up, all these organizations are very important in nowadays life. Sports activities favor the raising of the efficiency, strengthening of the health of the nation, self-discipline of the people. All people should bear in mind these wise words: “Heath is above wealth”. People can reach all the goals with them in hearts and minds.

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