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Secret Acres Company: Selling Comics as a Serious Business

Achieving popularity among readers is not an easy task for publishers. Avelino and Matthews managed to found a unique comic book and graphic novel publisher Secret Acres. Analyzing the possible methods of increasing the demand for the production of Secret Acres and considering the effectiveness of using distribution through e-readers and other delivery systems can help to identify the best solutions able to provide profitability of the company.

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To create the demand for their books, Avelino and Matthews should use a new strategy that will bring more buyers. First steps include identifying the target audience for their books and focusing on providing proper conditions for motivating this audience to buy the production of Secret Acres. As comic books and graphic novels are mostly popular among teenagers and college and universities students, the publishers should ensure that their books are sold in the shops located close to the places where the target audience gathers.

Further actions can include launching a proper advertising campaign able to attract new readers. The analysis of the specifics of the target audience helps to understand that advertisements on the websites popular among the youth can significantly increase the demand for the books. As many websites specialize in certain themes, the publishers can use those of them created for fans of comic books and graphic novels.

Providing proper promotion on such social networks as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can also bring great results, as these sources attract the immense attention of the youth. Ringstad and Loyland (2006) conducted a study that proved the price and income sensitivity of book demand.

Therefore, putting the effort in decreasing the prices should be considered by Avelino and Matthews as another step to creating the demand for their books. Conducting appropriate research on the market and identifying the price ranges of the competitors will help the publishers to develop the most optimal price politics and attract more buyers.

Pursuing online distribution through e-readers can be regarded as another method for stimulating the demand for books of Secret Acres. Simonson (2013) claims that e-books have numerous advantages, including their portability and easiness of access. As the major group of users of e-readers consists of the youth, Avelino and Mathews should consider e-readers as one of the most appropriate sources of providing successful distribution of their books.

Lynch (2012) reveals that publishers have not yet developed “an appropriate business model for pricing and distributing e-books” (p. 78). Therefore, the competition in this segment of the market is not very high, and Secret Acres can easily enter it. The company can ensure its success in the future by becoming one of the pioneers in selling comic e-books and digital graphic novels, as the market of e-books is growing fast and has huge prospects.

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Besides making use of e-readers, Avelino and Mathews can try to use other delivery systems. By broadening their sales from libraries to web retailers, they can reach the population of the whole country and the world. Certain websites (e.g. have a good reputation of online retailers of all kinds of products, including books. By selling their books on such websites, the publishers can attract a lot of new readers, significantly broaden the target audience, and establish a stable demand for their production.

Avelino and Matthews should consider different methods of creating the demand for their books and find the effective ways of distribution of their production to sustain the profitability of their company and ensure its future success.


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