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Security Architecture and Design for Enterprises

Derdour, M., Alti, A., Gasmi, M., and Roose, P. (2015). Security architecture metamodel for model driven security. Journal of Innovation in Digital Ecosystems, 2(1-2), 55-70.

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The authors of this article propose a new approach to working with architecture. They call it SMSA, which stands for Security Meta-model for Software Architecture. This approach’s main feature is that within its framework, the software is considered a set of components connected by security connectors. According to the authors, one of the advantages of this method is that the connectors are presented explicitly and understandably, making it more convenient to operate on semantic properties.

This article is an interesting and useful development in the field of security architecture. The authors describe the functioning of their approach, giving graphs and illustrative examples. Thus, it can be used comfortably in practice and applied to different types of systems. In addition, this article is of technical value and, therefore, plays a large role in today’s IT industry. It can be used as a full-fledged development or become a base for a new creation.

Ghaznavi-Zadeh, R. (2017). Enterprise security architecture – A top-down approach. ISACA Journal. Web.

The author of this article tries to consider the security processes as changeable processes and adapt the available technologies to modern realities. He compares different frameworks: SABSA, COBIT, and TOGAF. He also describes the main advantages and disadvantages of different secure architectures. In addition, the author provides various necessary details related to the research topic in the article. For example, he writes about the basic steps for securing a business architecture and possible risks.

This article can be useful both for those who are not versed in the topic and for professionals. On the one hand, the author describes the details that should be known to people working in the field of security architecture. This is a necessary base for any further operations in this area. On the other hand, he conducts a detailed and engaging analysis of it. This allows even experienced professionals to discover new technologies and approaches.

Jeganathan, S. (2016). Enterprise security architecture: Key for aligning security goals with business goals. ISSA Journal, 14(12), 14-21.

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This article is essential to fully understand why security architecture should always be kept in mind. The author claims that this is an integral aspect of any business, which must be considered in the first stages of its construction. This contributes to the company’s development, allows managers to minimize risks, and clearly develop a strategy. The article can be useful even for experienced business people since it fully describes the issue of security architecture. First, the author notes various technologies that make it possible to establish it. Second, the author justifies its importance. Third, the author gives readers a complete understanding of how to plan and adjust the company’s work in accordance with the security architecture.

Køien, G.M. (2020). A Philosophy of Security Architecture Design. Wireless Personal Communications, 113, 1615–1639. Web.

In this article, the author focuses on the vulnerability of electronic systems, while people are increasingly dependent on them. This makes him think about the need for complete and reliable data protection. The author argues that it is necessary to analyze system requirements and create models of potential threats continually. In addition, the author notes that security architecture should not only rely on already known risks. For better performance, it is necessary to predict intruders’ actions to be even more reliable.

Indeed, considering the philosophy of security architecture is an essential aspect of working with it. Knowing how this architecture is formed, developers can build a plan for its creation. They will have clear goals and objectives that will help them achieve the most optimal results. In other words, they need technical knowledge and an understanding of the philosophy of security architecture.

Flauzac, O., Gonzalez, C., & Florent, N. (2015). New security architecture for IoT network. Procedia Computer Science, 52, 1028-1033.

The authors of this article do their research in the framework of the Internet of Things, which is an essential topic in the modern world. The security architecture they offer is based on software-defined networking. This makes network security more efficient and flexible. The authors describe existing SDN-based applications for digital control and traffic tracking. The value of this work lies in the development of a new architecture that is reliable and fast. In addition, the authors have worked to make communication between domains easier. This is an undeniably rewarding achievement for today’s IT industry. Hence, people can choose from a large number of developments to achieve the highest security level.

Tao, L., Shen, J., Liu, B., & Zhou, Z. (2017). A Security Architecture Research Based on Roles. MATEC Web of Conferences. 100. 05068. Web.

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The authors of this article pay special attention to users and their characteristics. They argue that “different users need different security requirements” (Tao et al., 2017). They point out that architecture design should be tied to roles, which helps to categorize users better. In addition, this approach provides better security and data management. This article is of scientific interest because its authors pay attention to the user of the product. Undoubtedly, in our time, this is important because people want an individual approach. However, in addition to this, it also provides a high level of security. Therefore, the model proposed by the authors is indeed crucial for further developments in the field of security architecture.

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